How Helbiz Is Revolutionizing The Private Car Sharing Market

Existing car owners can now make their cars available for rent to others without having to worry about keys or communication.

The global car sharing services revenue was predicted to grow from US$ 1.1billion in 2015 to US$ 6.5 billion by 2024 with over twelve million members worldwide by Navigant consulting. Worthy of note also, is the fact that the 1.2 billion cars in the world are used only about 4% of the time. This is where Helbiz comes in; with Helbiz, owners of private parked vehicles can rent them out without having to worry about keys or communication. The renter’s phone becomes the car and ignition key upon confirmation, while at the same time,  getting a piece of the whopping sum generated from peer – to – peer car sharing. With helbiz, car, motorcycle and car rent have become very convenient, instant, affordable, and above all, rewarding.


The fact that money could be made through a peer – to – peer market system intrigued Salvatore Palella, the founder, and CEO of  Helbiz. With Helbiz set to launch its exceptional blockchain based concept in May, Salvatore believes that its emergence would disrupt the sharing economy system. How does he hope to achieve this?  Seeing the cost of owning cars increasing rapidly, and also seeing that cars as an asset have decreased in value with time, bringing about a shift in the generational mindset about car ownership and making people opt for car sharing services instead, Salvatore decided to combine the well-known car sharing avenue with blockchain technology.

Helbiz mobility ecosystem would provide access to vehicles and other transportation services. This mobility ecosystem is a platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain and propelled using the Helbiz coin tokens (HBZ). The Helbizcoin token is based on the ERC20 standard and shoots to become the most desirable payment method for transportation services through the Ethereum blockchain.


Helbiz is the new era of transportation and sharing economy, bringing about a radical change in the familiar car-sharing market. With the incorporation of the blockchain technology, Helbiz accesses the ecosystem and allows for the registration of all services provided through the platform and using the Helbizcoin; it processes the transaction between owners operators and external service providers.

All Helbiz users would be rewarded not solely because of the renting services they provide, but also because of the data they create and share from renting out their cars, which can also be used to improve mobility services. With Helbiz, there is no need for excessive peer – to – peer communication between the two parties involved as it has a prominent characteristic of digitally unlocking and starting cars together with instant confirmation and insurance.

The cities of the world are gravely experiencing a high level of congestion; Helbiz not only eliminates this using car sharing services but also rewards its users. Helbiz aims to revolutionize the transportation industry by giving personal control to the user through the decentralization of the sharing economy using the blockchain technology.

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