Hedge Against the Stock and Crypto Markets with This Massive (Tokenized) Copper Mine

Investing in traditional global industries is a privilege that’s inaccessible to most of the world’s population today, even as global poverty continues to drop in the 21st century. Less accessible still is the private equity sector, a category of investment opportunities typically reserved for the wealthiest of the wealthy – the top 1%. Thanks to blockchain technology and visionary projects, however, both of these realities are set to change radically in the years ahead.

As any seasoned investor can tell you, making money over the long run is all about carefully managing risk. Take an overly conservative strategy and you’re unlikely to outpace the rate of inflation. On the other hand, an overly aggressive strategy can leave you broke and out of the game altogether. To thrive requires a continuous balancing act of maximizing upside while minimizing risk.

In this article, we’re going to share an opportunity where all of these ideas come together: an ownership stake in a real mining operation called Blue Hill Mining with a location that’s forecasted to have one of the largest copper reserves in all of Asia (plus nickel, cobalt, gold, and other minerals). Through a PRE-STO (Security Token Offering), the Blue Hill Foundation is democratizing access to an investment that would typically be reserved for the wealthy elite while also providing a means of minimizing your overall portfolio risk with a hedge against the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

The Historical Value of Base Metals

Whether we’re talking about Bitcoin, gold, or Amazon (AMZN) stock, value can be broken down into two parts: intrinsic value and speculative value based on future potential.

To illustrate this, let’s compare Amazon with another giant corporation, Apple. In Q1 2018, Apple had a net income of $13.8B and a total market cap of about $850B. Meanwhile, Amazon’s total net income since inception was only $9.6B, yet its total market cap at the time was $750B. How can this be?

Simply put, investors are speculating that Amazon has a much higher capacity to grow in the future. Pricing in the probability that Amazon will achieve that growth makes AMZN stock more valuable now than its current profits alone can justify.

To the contrary, copper’s value is far less speculative. Thanks to its efficiency as a conductor of heat and electricity, copper is commonly used in electrical equipment, motors, industrial machinery, construction, and more. As long as humans continue to use copper for these applications, it will maintain significant intrinsic value.

Likewise, nickel and cobalt have unique properties that make them intrinsically valuable because they are well-suited for some specific applications. Nickel is frequently used to make alloys such as stainless steel, while cobalt’s resistant to corrosion and wear makes it ideal for batteries, aircraft engine parts, and electroplating.

These applications may not be as exciting as self-driving cars, iPhones, or delivery drones, but they are nonetheless important parts of the global economy. As such, base metals will remain in high demand for the indefinite future, regardless of how the stock market performs.

Combining the Stability of Base Metal Values with the Untapped Potential of the Blue Hill Mine


The Blue Hill Mine was so named because its copper-rich surfaces have oxidized, giving them a blue/turquoise color. Over the course of 8+ years of geological study at the compound, analysts have found large volumes of copper, nickel, cobalt, and gold as well as additional resources such as tungsten, yttrium, and ytterbium in a target area less than 10% of the site’s total surface.

Considering that the remaining 90% of the compound has yet to be properly analyzed, the potential growth in value is enormous.

What makes this mining operation truly exciting, however, is their innovative implementation of blockchain technology. You see, Blue Hill Mining isn’t going to be just a traditional mining company. They will also be launching a peer-to-peer trading and tender platform that cuts the expensive middleman out of the equation. This platform can boost the profit margins of logistic companies, multinational companies, and institutional banks, not to mention mining companies and smelters themselves.


On top of that, the B.H. platform will enable better market analytics, greater transparency, fair trade, as well as certified and verified ethically sourced raw materials that are traceable back to the original mining operation.

Ordinarily, investing in a mining operation like Blue Hill Mining would require you to have accredited investor status and would have a minimum commitment that’s simply too high for the typical investor. Fortunately, Blue Hill is doing something different.

How Anybody Can Be an Early Investor in the Blue Hill Mine

The B.H.Foundation has a 24% ownership stake in the B.H. Mining operation which they are using to make a co-ownership opportunity available to the general public by issuing a cryptocurrency, the BHM-Token, through a fully regulated STO.

As with any legally compliant STO, the BHM sale will only be open to qualified investors. However, there’s still a way for anybody to invest in BHM. In order to fully democratize this investment opportunity, the B.H.Foundation is holding a PRE-STO with BHF-Tokens, each of which represents a 0.00000004% co-ownership stake in the mine. This pre-sale event is open for all investors, with a minimum investment amount of just €247 (~$277). When the STO itself begins, BHF-Tokens will be automatically exchanged for the BHM-Tokens.

Based on the market values of the various metals and minerals located in the B.H. compound and the 90% surface area that is yet to be analyzed, B.H.Mining is targeting a return on investment of up to 3,340% for the mining project.

Once the underlying value of the project has reached US$30 per BHM-Token, a buyback program will be initiated via a Toronto Stock Market listing. This will give early investors an easy way to realize their gains within a few short years if they choose to hold their tokens rather than trading them on a cryptocurrency exchange.


Whether you invest in cryptocurrencies seeking the greatest possible returns or you prefer reliable index funds, you are always exposed to risk. BHM-Tokens are an attractive opportunity to hedge your bets in other markets because they are backed by a mine that is full of intrinsically valuable base metals which will remain in-demand regardless of market conditions.

Combining that with the huge untapped potential of the mining compound makes BHM-Tokens a worthy part of any retail investor’s portfolio. To learn more about this opportunity, visit

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