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Hector Network, a Growing Ecosystem Creating a Revolution in the Crypto Space

One may have often heard people saying that blockchain is the future and crypto will soon replace fiat currency. While that remains a distant dream, crypto has undoubtedly managed to create a community of enthusiasts. 

Let’s dive into a project with a bright prospect. Hector Network, a growing ecosystem with various exciting sub-projects all geared for launch.

The name Hector Network came into being after the platform underwent a massive overhaul with several new projects, exciting ideas, advanced smart contracts, and rewarding protocols being introduced. Hector Network managed to raise $75,000,000 through selling of its native token, $HEC and smart investments during the market downtrend. The treasury is now used for the development of the ecosystem and various sub-projects surrounding the Hector Network. Also, after careful consideration, a part of the treasury is invested in other promising crypto projects.

Hector Network is also partnering with one of the most popular football clubs around the globe. It’s in the final stages, and would help the project reach out to millions of new users worldwide. The partnership is worth millions of dollars and will provide media attention and visibility to Hector Network. 

Also, Hector Network offers a plethora of exciting opportunities to enthusiasts from multiple domains of blockchain, be it NFTs, gaming, or as example education. A short introduction into some of them:

Hector Pay for seamless everyday payments through crypto

The team is developing Hector Pay, an advanced payment solution allowing users to make everyday transactions through their crypto balance. It can all be done through the mobile app. The team has been working diligently on Hector Pay, one of their most ambitious projects. Once released, Hector Pay will drive users towards crypto, create a vast community, and enable it to replace the fiat currency.

All about the Hector University, a safe space for learning

Another sub-project is Hector University, a hub of education and intellectual discourse. It will offer courses, videos, and study material on various topics to provide users with a safe and trusted learning space. New courses will be regularly added to the platform to ensure that it remains up-to-date with the latest trends. It will surely act as a medium for people to embrace the world of De-Fi and cryptocurrency.  

The Mythos Collection, NFTs with exciting opportunities 

The last few years have witnessed exponential growth in the NFT market. Every other day, there is an NFT breaking the record for the most expensive one sold ever. Presently it’s at close to $91 million, but experts are confident that another one will soon fetch a higher price. NFTs are a promising market, both for projects, users, and creators. With Hector Network’s entry into it through Atlantica, the NFT marketplace of the ecosystem, things are about to get exciting. 

Atlantica will list tons of collections in the NFT space and inspire creators to bring out the best in them and should encourage projects to create real-world utility.

Besides this, Hector Network will also launch its own NFT, The Mythos Collection. It consists of 16 artworks, each uniquely crafted. The total number of NFTs is capped at 10,000, with 5 different rarity levels. The rarer the NFT, the more valuable it is! And there are exciting rewards for those minting The Mythos Collection NFTs. Hector Network will conduct a Fantom Giveaway every four weeks.

$TOR, a market-oriented stablecoin

$TOR, an ERC-20 token, is a stablecoin, unlike others, because its value remains stable in the true sense. Pegged to USD, as most stablecoins are, $TOR will employ advanced protocols to ensure that its value does not depreciate with the dollar. 

Besides, it will employ the rule of supply and demand to ensure that the peg is re-established in case the value of $TOR falls below the $1 mark. Because when that happens, more users will start acquiring the coin to make the most out of the situation, thus automatically increasing the demand for it and subsequently re-establishing the peg. So, users can be sure that the value of $TOR remains stable.

Hector Network is an expanding ecosystem with sub-projects lined up for launch. Some will be released in the coming weeks and months, while the more complex ones will take time. But once they are all available to users, Hector Network will become one of the most exciting and well known elaborate ecosystems in crypto space. 

To find out more about the Hector Network and the ecosystem surrounding it, visit the official website: 

Also, follow Hector Network on all official channels to stay updated with the recent developments and releases.










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