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HeatWell Reviews Legit or Scam Is HeatWell Heater worth The Hype


This Winter is fast becoming the most expensive winter ever based on the amount spent on heating homes. Indeed, thousands have been spent. Are you tired of running your Central heating system and still beat this winter? If yes, Heatwell is another solution.

Does it work? How can I buy this? What if I don’t like it after purchase? Well, to see everything, HeatWell Reviews is all you need. Don’t worry, we have everything worth knowing about this portable heater sold today.

What is HeatWell?

HeatWell is an efficient portable space heater made for indoor use. It is so compact that it fits just any space, no matter how small it is and it can be used from room to room, from office to office, just unplug it and plug it to your new location.

HeatWell wall sockets outlet heaters are very cheap to run, unlike central heating units. From most reviews, it consumes very little energy and requires no maintenance. 

Using the heatWell heater is very straightforward. It can be set in your bedroom, reading desk, library, kitchen. No matter where you headed this winter, HeatWell will keep you warm and cozy, make you more comfortable after and during working hours, increase relaxation and make you wake up stronger after a stressful day.

HeatWell is still on sale and people from Canada and the US can buy from the official website. The company is running an unending discount on all offers.

Key Highlights

  • Heat within 10 minutes
  • Cordless design
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Works in standard US Socket
  • HeatWell uses plug that can be adjusted up to 270 degrees 
  • Heating temperature can go as high as 90-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best for indoor use
  • It required no expert installer
  • Comes with 60 days money-back guarantee 
  • HeatWell Is ETL listed
  • It is noiseless heater

Dimensions: 5.6 in. (W) x 3.5 in. (D) x 5.6 in. (H)

Product Weight: 1.25lb

Heat coverage: 250 Square feet

Power ratings: 800 Watts

Supply ratings: 120VAC, 60Hz

Ratings: 4.5 star out of 5

Availability: On the official website



Phone number: 877-232-5950

Price: $49.99 per heater 

Key features

  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Time selector Switch
  • Digital LED Display screen
  • Manually turnoff and on button
  • Ceramic heating system
  • Auto shut-off

How Does The HeatWell Work?

HeatWell is a wall outlet heater that converts electrical energy into heat to turn cold air into warm. Once plugged in, HeatWell draws current and allows it to pass through resistance wires which oppose the current flow.

Due to this opposition, heat is generated as energy loss. This heat is used to warm your room or your personal space. 

To improve heat circulation, it uses a fan which also cools the system to avoid overheating. In the event of a fault, it shuts down automatically.

HeatWell Benefits and Features

The HeatWell wall socket outlet heater was engineered by experts. As a result it is more beneficial than similar products sold today. It also has unique features hardly seen in comparable heating units. The manufacturer made it so special that it quickly became the number one consumer choice.

Here are it’s amazing features and benefits:

Heat faster 

Heat in 10 minutes, HeatWell is the fastest portable heater under $50. It is the best option for people who experience the lowest temperature this winter. It circulates warm air faster, which will keep your room comfortable before going to bed.


HeatWell features safety switches only seen in some high-end devices. It uses an in-built thermostat, tip-over switch, fan, and it is encased in ceramic bodies that rarely get hot during the working period.

Auto Shut-off 

Normally, it is Reserved for some expensive brand. HeatWell has the ability to shutdown immediately when abnormal conditions set in. This auto shut-off also helps to conserve energy as it turns it off once a set temperature is reached.


Like other things, time is relevant. HeatWell has features that allow users to schedule auto shut-off. Users can choose from one to twelve hours.

270-Degrees Mechanical Rotation 

Users of HeatWell can easily adjust the direction to heat a specific target. This feature is useful when the socket is in the wrong position.


HeatWell heater offers uniform heating because of this. It also makes the heater fast as the fan can push out the generated heat to other areas unlike conventional heaters.

Highly efficient

Associated with no loss, HeatWell efficiently converts electrical energy to heat. It doesn’t heat irrelevant places, rather it pushes the heater to the area of interest. 


Looing like a small box, it houses enough power that will blow your mind. It safely handles 800 Watts of heat without breaking down or overheating. 

Simple design 

Normally, something like this should be complicated but the reverse is the case. HeatWell heater is simple in all aspects. It can be used by all irrespective of their technical-know-how.


In the HeatWell heater, there are no parts to worry about. All portions look rugged with expert touches so it hardly fails. It comes on anytime you call it provided that the wall socket is good and there is power to drive it.


Though we don’t know the actual noise figure, reviews so far claim that it is one of the noiseless heaters currently on sale. Users have confirmed that it won’t disturb pets, those working in other rooms. It is best for people who always answer conference calls, attend online meetings, watch live broadcasts and podcasts. 

Supper compact and lightweight

Weighing just 1.25lb and with such dimensions, we’ve not seen anything coming close to it. HeatWell is an answer for people who are conscious of weight and space. It fits right in your backpacks, cars,  and other precious spaces.

Super portable 

Normally, it is called a HeatWell portable heater. As it stands, nothing is more portable than this minibeast. It might not have a portable handle but it looks like one. 

Ceramic exterior

Ceramic isbwidely known for its poor conductivity. The body never got hot even after working for several hours. This makes handling safe. It also cools down faster.

Shockproof protection 

HeatWell wall socket outlet heater is designed to work in some challenging environments. It might not absorb all shocks but it is a heater to consider whenever looking for one.

Fully customisable

HeatWell puts everything in your control, you can adjust the heating temperature instantly and also the Time by just clicking some buttons.

No messy wire ( HeatWell Reviews)

Here, there are no ugly cables to arrange. 

Using HeatWell Heater: Steps

The heatWell is the simplest gadget ever seen. 

Here are the Four steps to follow:

  • Open the package
  • Bring out the heatWell, check for damages, if any, carefully repackage it and return it back for replacement or refund
  • Plug it in a suitable wall socket outlet
  • Turn on and set it up based on your requirements 

HeatWell Timer

To adjust the heating time, press any of the buttons with a clock sign, one is increasing while the other is decreasing. Note that you can go as high as 12 hours.

HeatWell Temperature Settings

With the HeatWell heater, owners can choose 60 degrees Fahrenheit (the minimum) and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (the maximum). To select, press and hold the button with positive sign and negative sign as the case may be. 

Advantages Of HeatWell

  • Easy to use
  • Available online
  • Affordable
  • Good return policy
  • Fast shipping
  • Outstanding design
  • Reduced shipping charges
  • Less maintenance
  • Less running cost
  • Smarter with advanced features
  • Cordless 
  • Consumer less power
  • Take little space 

Disadvantages Of Heatwell Heater

  • Use mostly indoors
  • Can’t be used inside cars
  • No voice control
  • Limited stock
  • Might break if fall to hard surface

Looking To Buy HeatWell – Prices

The HeatWell wall socket outlet heater is fairly priced.

Here are what it currently selling according to the official product sales Page

One heatWell wall socket outlet heater cost just $49

Two HeatWell wall socket outlet heater costs $94

Three HeatWell wall socket outlet heater costs $134

Four HeatWell wall socket outlet heater costs $169

However, the above prices are not permanently fixed. The manufacturer can update it without any notice so always check their official website for the current price.

HeatWell Shipping Cost , Delivery and packaging

The packaging can not be compared to most Stuffs bought online. We believe that people at HeatWell always want to satisfy their customers. The shipping charges may vary and it is calculated by checkout. Once your order is placed and confirmed, your package will arrive Within few working days.

HeatWell Refund Policy 

At HeatWell, all orders are backed by a 60 days money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely thrilled with it again but it must be returned in the original package including the user manual.

Also all products must be returned in the return facility address provided by their customer care services. Shipping charges might not be refunded.

To speed the refund, contact their customer care services.

HeatWell Reviews – Are Previous Customers Happy?

Going by the report we have, though we aren’t 100% sure, many people were extremely satisfied and it has attracted an overall rating of 4.5 Stars from consumer reports.

Here are some of the reviews so far:

Jane said that she is more than happy with HeatWell. According to, buying HeatWell is one of the smartest moves she had ever made and she is recommending it for anyone who is yet to buy one this winter season.

Jerry said that it is working perfectly well. I love the packaging, it’s design, compactness, and I’m recommending it.

Another user, Said that he will be buying more for other rooms. He said that HeatWell is his number one pick for anyone looking for a smarter wall outlet Heater today.

Like we said before, we are not 100% sure that all these testimonies are real because they are submitted voluntarily and we aren’t given any guarantee that you will share similar testimony. All we know is that heatWell is a quality addition to any home this winter season. Try it and see if it is worth the ongoing hype.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plug the heatWell in the bathroom?

No, it is not recommended.

Can I plug It In Extension Cord?

Again, it is not recommended by the Maker. Always use a HeatWell in a wall socket outlet.

What Are The Safety Precautions?

  • Don’t use it While sleeping
  • Avoid contact with water or chemical
  • Don’t used it inside bathroom or outdoors
  • Remove all flammable materials around it
  • Always give some space to improve air circulation
  • Never use it when not around
  • Ensure that it is firmly plugged in a wall socket.

How Does it Affect My Electric bill?

HeatWell consumes little energy. To check how much it will consume, contact your utility provider.

Can I Use It Around Pets and Children?

Yes, heatWell can be used around children but care must be taken.

HeatWell Heater: General opinion

Truly, HeatWell might not stand the chance when compared With some expensive brand or your Central heating system. HeatWell works like a supplementary device. It is needed by people who have interest in their personal space. Using it in larger space might not yield the greatest results unless more than one unit is used simultaneously.

Also note that heatWell is another consumer product so don’t be surprised if it fails one day. We don’t know how long it will stay. We know that it is durable with futuristic design.

Final Thought

In general, The HeatWell heater is a must have this winter. It was engineered by experts and passionate engineers. It is compact and can compete comfortably with some high end heating units.

Furthermore, HeatWell is made with the latest technology and quality engineering materials to ensure it lasts longer. It can withstand some rough handling and can work in some harsh environments. It is eco-friendly, and extremely safe.

Finally we advised all our readers to buy from the official website. The manufacturer offers more discounts, and there is know hidden charges. many have been sold out already. 

Note that we only recommend quality products and HeatWell is the latest.

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