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HeatWell Heater Canada Legit or Scam Read It Before Buying HeatWell In Canada

Having read a lot of reviews, we decided to give our honest opinion about this heater. Truly there are a lot of misconceptions. With this in mind, we give a rundown of everything concerning the HeatWell heater; the pros, cons, specifications, and consumer reports are discussed deeply.

Sure, we are not condemning HeatWell but there are many things you need to consider before taking a final decision. It might be the best heater but this does not mean that you can’t try other brands.

As of today, HeatWell heaters are currently on sale at $49 per unit with reduced shipping costs on all orders. The manufacturer also claimed to offer a lot of discounts when buying more than one.

Anyway, let’s see more about this heater before buying. Don’t worry, we have genuine links and the manufacturer promised to offer more discounts to all our readers.

HeatWell Heater Canada Explained

A Heatwell heater is a compact and cordless heating unit used indoors. It is a portable and lightweight heater with a ceramic body.

Like similar indoor heaters, it doesn’t have waterproof protection so it is advised to keep it away from water. Not good for outdoors and bathroom.

Currently, it is best-selling in Canada, the US, and other European countries. It promised to keep you warm all winter long without spending much money. Users confirmed that it uses little power when compared to other brands. 

HeatWell has a built-in timer, mood light, Adjustable thermostat, internal circuit breakers, temperature sensors, Antimicrobial filter, and heating cartridge to enhance your heatwell heating experience all winter long.

It heats in style, it is one of the fastest heaters, best for indoor and smaller spaces. Heat without using gas and it has a good noise figure. 

HeatWell heater is exclusively sold online on the official website where it is priced at $49 per unit. Try it and check if it is helpful.

HeatWell Heater Features

Here are the features seen on the official website:

Automatic shut-down button: this feature, though very common in most heating systems, ensures that the heater shuts down automatically in the event of a fault. It also shuts down during normal operation whenever it reaches the desired temperature or set time.

Display Screen: Rarely seen in some brands, heatwell features an LED display screen which helps the owner to see what is happening inside the heater. His or her preferred settings are also displayed.

Manually Operated Power button: like other heaters, heatWell needs to be powered. Here there is a button specifically made for that, it is a power sign on it. Users can switch it off and on through it.

Fan: HeatWell is a fan-forced type heater so it is no surprise that there is an in-built fan inside. This fan performs dual functions: first, it is used to push heat outside, secondly, it cools down the system to avoid overheating.

Time Selector Switch: Not common in other brands. As the name implies, it is used to set your best heating time. With heatWell you can select from one to twelve heating times.


Working Principle Of HeatWell Heater

HeatWell heaters use ceramic heating systems to turn cold air into warm air. It is extremely portable, compact, and lightweight. It can be used from room to room, office to office, and people who love traveling can easily use it while on the go.

When plugged in, it draws current from wall socket outlets, forcing the current to pass through resistant (ceramic plates) and generate heat in the process. It has an internal thermostat to shut down the system once the maximum temperature is reached (90 degrees Fahrenheit).

The HeatWell heater uses a fan to blow hot air out and also cool the system to prevent overheating. It is cordless with a nice-looking ceramic body. It also uses a heating cartridge.

Product Specifications 

√ Name: HeatWell heater

√ power handling capacity: 800 watts ( maximum)

√ Supply requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz

√ Coverage: 250 square feet

Using HeatWell Heater: Steps

HeatWell heater is one of the simplest heating units so far, to use it, follow the steps shown below. It is straightforward, anyone who never uses it should have no issues using it today.

Here are the necessary steps:

  • Read the instructions manual.
  • Plug it in a suitable socket outlet, don’t use a power adapter or any extension cord.
  • Turn on the wall socket and the heater.
  • Select the heating time by pressing the buttons with a clock sign.
  • Adjust the thermostat by pressing the buttons with plus and negative symbols.

The science behind HeatWell Heating 

HeatWell uses a resistive heating method to convert electrical energy into heat based on the principle of joule heating. As the current is flowing, heat is generated and it is transferred outside. This process keeps happening till the thermostat records a maximum temperature.

Why Is HeatWell Heater Recommended?

Winter is when everything is colder than before which forces everyone to search for a solution. Indeed, staying warm and cozy is a task that must be performed. Surprisingly, heatwell has been the number one people’s choice lately for some reasons which we will be sharing with you shortly.

First of all, heatWell is an affordable heater. Price is the first thing to consider when choosing any product. No doubt, most space heaters are fairly priced unlike before but it seems to be the cheapest. Why did we choose the price first? Well, at $49, we believe that you are noting taking much risk.

Secondly, HeatWell heats in style. In this heating unit, you have control over many things unlike before. It heats very large spaces within 10 minutes, you can safely adjust the heating time, temperature, and speed.

Thirdly, HeatWell is available in a cordless model. With this in mind, you don’t need to worry about cables that make the room look scattered and dirty, and have the potential to cause an accident as well.

HeatWell heater Canada is extremely compact, lightweight, and the most portable space heater sold. It weighs just 1.25lb and has more features. Hence, it does more than conventional heaters. It is faster and safer to use around kids and pets.

HeatWell Heater Benefits 

Here are some of the benefits advertised by the manufacturer.

It offers remote heating: heatWell heat any place you want to be provided that you have a power outlet. This is true because you don’t need to do any permanent installation, you just need to unplug and replug in your new location, no hassle just that.

Good return Policy: Users who are not satisfied can easily return it and the company will refund them once their order is received.

Available at discounted prices: currently, the company is offering a 60% discount on all orders placed. They even offer more discounts when buying more than one in a round. 

Outstanding design: heatWell Canada is carefully designed. It is not something that will stop working just like that. Every part was designed with the best material in the market.

Quiet Operations: heatwell heater might not have zero noise figures like convection space heaters but consumers had confirmed that it barely makes noise. It can be used while reading, watching television, Answering calls, sleeping, and doing other things that require maximum concentration and silence.

HeatWell Heater Troubleshooting Techniques

Yes, heatWell can stop working anytime. What can I do to get it functional again? Truly, we don’t advise customers to repair any damaged device themselves. But there are some sharp practices we recommend to our readers to do.

First, check if there is power in the wall socket. This can be done with an electrical meter but we suggest you look for an electrician. If there is power, definitely something might be wrong inside. In this case, contact the manufacturer. But you might try another wall socket. We have seen cases where there is power but the socket outlet is faulty so try and confirm it. 

Please, don’t try to open the unit, the manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that might result in the process. Connect with them through Email, I’m sure they will listen to you.

Advantages Of HeatWell Heater over others

Sincerely speaking, most space heaters are similar in design, functions, and power ratings. But heatWell has an edge over others in the following areas:

Set up: HeatWell is extremely easy to set up. Every part has been assembled right on the manufacturer’s site. Users just need to open the box and plug it in. Though other heaters have a similar arrangement, nothing can be compared with the HeatWell heater. Don’t doubt it, give it a trial today.

Energy efficient: while your central heater consumes enough energy HeatWell takes just a fraction of it for the same heat output. Some portable space heaters do consume lesser power but heatwell stands out here. It is our top pick for people with lesser budgets.

No messy wire: then, again, the heatwell is at the top. No cables packed unlike before.

More Powerful: Maybe not the most powerful, heatWell still can keep any room warm this winter. 

Faster: Needing just 10 minutes to keep the entire space warm, heatwell is one of the fastest heaters around. It starts heating in seconds in contrast to most heaters sold today. 

Drawbacks Of HeatWell Heaters

  • Only available online.
  • Suitable only for indoor use.
  • Due to their limited power, you might need more than one.
  • Limited stock.
  • No remote control.
  • No free shipping.

HeatWell General Safety Instructions

Danger of fire:

  • To avoid possible fire, don’t obstruct air flow.
  • Do not leave the device unattended.
  • Unplug the appliances from the wall socket when not in use.
  • Do not use it while sleeping.
  • Do not cover it while in operation.
  • Maintain distance from it while in use to avoid accidents or burns.
  • Keep flammable materials away from it.
  • Don’t use power strip or extension cable 

Danger of Electric shock:

  • This device is for ac, and the voltage is 120V. Make sure that the voltage is at this level before turning it on.

The danger for children:

Even though it looks like one, heatwell is not a toy for your kids. Ensure that you keep it away from their reach. If you must use it around children, maximum care must be taken.

Cleaning and Maintenance: HeatWell Heater Canada

Ensure that you keep it clean. Most reports suggest that the major cause of overheating is dirt and foreign deposits. Unplug it, and allow it to cool before proceeding with the maintenance work.

  • Clean the outside regularly with a slightly damped cloth.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other particles.
  • When not in use, store the heater in the original packaging to prolong its life.
  • When it failed, don’t deposit anyhow, meet your local authorities so that some. usable parts will be removed.

HeatWell Canada Reviews: What Customers are saying 

I’m very happy with my purchase! My living room is large and open, so I was skeptical about it warming up the room. I was wrong. My wife came home from work, unaware of the heater, and commented on how warm it felt in the living room. Once I showed her, she also couldn’t believe that something so small was so powerful. It has safety features, shuts off if knocked over, fingers can’t be put inside and a cool exterior, perfect since I have four young children. I highly recommend this heater and plan on buying a few more for all of our bedrooms. From Joshua Harper

Lewiston, Maine

Generally, there are mixed reviews, some were extremely satisfied and some expressed signs of dissatisfaction. The truth remains that heatWell is a quality heater. It does what the manufacturer said. We recommend it to people who are still looking for an affordable solution this winter.

HeatWell Heater Prices In Canada 

As of today, The price of 1 Heatwell is $49.99 

Two Heatwell is worth $94.90 

Three cost $134.88

Five Heatwell went up $169.84 ( which is $42.30/unit).

However, the above prices are discounted and can be changed without any notice. Check our official sales page for the updated price.

Conclusion – HeatWell Heater Reviews Canada

Does it worth the hype? Let’s know your thoughts.

Sure heatWell might not compete favorably with central heaters in terms of power or some high-end portable heaters. We recommend heatwell because of what it does and what others have said about it. at $49, it represents the best deal for you today. 

Sure, we might receive a little commission if you buy from our post but don’t buy if you are having a double mind. We only want our readers to get maximum satisfaction first. HeatWell is selling like never before now and it is the latest heater we are recommending. Try it, it might be the last heater you will buy.


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