Heated Tobacco Alternative For Safe Smoking

Many people smoke cigarettes every day around the world. They smoke as it provides pleasure to them and it relieves stress. But, addiction to cigarettes is harmful to everyone. There are different dangerous chemicals present in cigarettes. Also, it creates more toxic chemicals after burning. Many people plan to stop smoking cigarettes, but tobacco cravings do not let them do that. Now, Heat Not Burn products are available to satisfy nicotine cravings. People use this product to quit smoking cigarettes

They are heating tobacco using an electric device and enjoying smoking. If tobacco is heated at a low temperature, the smoke is discharged, but harmful substances in tobacco are not released. People use heated tobacco sticks with a heating device to enjoy smoking. Companies like HEETS provide heated tobacco sticks to customers. Nowadays, people think that heated tobacco is entirely safe for them. As per different research, it still contains various toxic chemicals harmful to health. 

HEETS is just a little less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Heated tobacco is still dangerous as it has tobacco with toxic compounds in its base composition. Now, many people want to know that if there is any alternative to HEETS available or not. The good news is that we can use tobacco-free heated sticks from NEAFS. In this article, you can check every detail about this best-heated tobacco alternative:

NEAFS- Best Heated Tobacco Alternative 

If you do not want to smoke through heated tobacco, then NEAFS is the perfect option. People do smoking using NEAFS sticks that are free from tobacco. Also, this unique product is made from premium green tea leaves with heavenly aromas. Nowadays, many people are using Heat Not Burn products from NEAFS as they provide a unique and safe smoking experience. Also, their heated sticks come in different flavors. 

The best thing is that these flavors taste similar to tobacco. NEAFS Corporation is well-known for its innovative HNB products. This company was started back in 2015 in Orlando, Florida. NEAFS provides the best alternative for heated tobacco like HEEFS. NEAFS sticks are compatible with different heating devices. But you can also use their NEAFS TEO heating device for the best results. 

People also call NEAFS a dry vape because its ingredients are similar to vaping. NEAFS heating sticks look like mini cigarettes and come in dual compartments of ten. NEAFS heating stick comes with tea, mint, VG (Vegetable Glycerine), PG (Propylene Glycol), edible essence (flavoring), and nicotine. Another best thing is that NEAFS sticks come with nicotine or without nicotine. So, it is the perfect option if you want to stop using tobacco. 

Why NEAFS Is Better Than HEEFS

Below, you can check the different benefits of NEAFS Heating Sticks:

  1. NEAFS heating sticks are much safer than HEETS sticks. NEAFS heating sticks do not contain tobacco with toxic chemicals. This heating tobacco alternative has green tea leaves to decrease the harmful side effects of smoking. So, it is safe for people who want to smoke without compromising their health.  
  2. NEAFS sticks have a mild taste than the HEETS. This unique HNB product has tea leaves infused with different flavors. Another best thing about NEAFS is that it provides a taste like tobacco. NEAFS sticks come in flavors like original, menthol, mojito, coffee, blueberry, and strawberry. Also, these flavors come in two strengths, 1.5mg, and 0mg. 
  3. NEAFS sticks are compatible with different types of heating devices. People can use them with NEAFS TEO Heating Devices due to their build quality and design. You can easily carry the NEAFS heating device and stick it anywhere as it is pocket friendly. 
  4. People can easily afford NEAFS heating sticks for smoking. This HNB product is available at affordable prices. Also, it is cheaper than HEETS tobacco sticks. You can go for healthier NEAFS HNB products and enjoy more puffs at the best price. 

Use NEAFS Sticks With A Heating Device 

You need a heating device to start smoking using NEAFS heating sticks. Below, you can check the correct process to use this heating stick with NEAFS TEO Heating Device:

  1. First, you can insert the NEAFS stick into the round barrel at the top of the NEAFS TEO Heating Device.
  2. Then, hold the start button for two seconds to switch on the device and start the heating process. 
  3. Wait for twenty minutes, and then the device is ready for smoking. It stays on for around five minutes. You can even stop it manually by holding the power button for 3 seconds.
  4. NEAFS TEO Heating Device provides power for smoking around 20 heating sticks. 

Quit Cigarettes Using NEAFS Sticks

People choose NEAFS sticks as they are much safer than traditional cigarettes. These sticks do not contain tobacco and promote healthier smoking. NEAFS sticks have green tea leaves to decrease the harmful side effects of smoking. It helps people to avoid heating tobacco at a high temperature. NEAFS products come with different flavors that refresh people’s minds. This product runs on electricity to heat tea leaves and produce vapor. It is also different from e-cigarettes. 

NEAFS products help people in quitting smoking cigarettes. It is the best option to replace tobacco with something healthier. You have to buy a heating device to use the NEAFS stick. It does not expose people to toxins like cigarettes. Also, this heating stick does not create tar, ash, or odor. So, get an authentic smoking experience with NEAFS. 


Now, you can overcome the addiction to tobacco with NEAFS heating sticks. This product is the best heating tobacco alternative which is a safer way of smoking. It does not contain toxic chemicals like tobacco. It contains tea leaves infused with aroma. Also, you can use NEAFS sticks rather than buying HEETS sticks. People who want to quit smoking tobacco can purchase NEAFS products. 

Also, this heat not burn product taste similar to tobacco. NEAFS is better than other heated tobacco products. So, enjoy the pleasure of smoking with a NEAFS heating stick without disrupting your health. 

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