HealthPlus Lists 5 Trends in Pharmacy App Development

healthplus lists 5 trends in pharmacy app development

The pharmaceutical industry is booming and evolving more than ever, especially with the integration of smart applications and AI, or Artificial Intelligence. HealthPlus, a leading provider of healthcare services throughout Nigeria, highlights some of the most prevalent and upcoming trends we are likely to see in pharmacy app development in the near future.

1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

This one is not quite a shock, as virtual reality and augmented reality solutions are becoming more commonplace than ever. However, the complete integration of augmented and virtual reality into the pharmaceutical world can assist in ensuring the efficiency of pre-development phases while also foreseeing potential drug interactions well before they occur.

2. AI and Machine Learning

Along the same lines of using augmented and virtual reality, the integration of machine learning through the use of AI will also become prevalent in the industry. Core machine learning, also referred to as Core ML, works as a foundation for developers depending on the type of information you are trying to teach the system itself.

With the ability to fully integrate AI and machine learning, healthcare systems will have the ability to better identify potential errors, data entry issues, and even lab test analysis results that may have been read out incorrectly.

3. 3D-Printed Pharmaceuticals

“Pharmacists are the first point of care for many Nigerians and are critical to ensure access to essential drugs. The HealthPlus ePharmacy platform is following the mission to enhance access to wholesome medicines and good pharmacy care services,” says Chidi Okoro, chief transformational officer pf HealthPlus.

In the very near future (as it is already occurring in some parts of the world), 3D-printed medicine will become more accessible and even commonplace. 3D-printed drugs are not only ideal to ensure accessibility for those who are in need of medications, but they can also be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Delivering high doses quicker: Fully disintegrating medications can be 3D-printed at a much higher potency while also allowing them to dissolve immediately, providing patients with nearly immediate relief.
  • Accessibility: 3D-printed drugs that do not need to be ordered or shipped will be much more accessible to those who are in need. Rather than waiting weeks, if not months, for a supply of medication to arrive, 3D-printed solutions offer a revolutionary method of handling medications on the whole.

4. The Advancement of Healthcare Mobile Apps

Not only are AI and machine learning extremely helpful when it comes to generating and managing medications, but these solutions can also be extremely useful tools when it comes to mobile health apps. The digitization of medicine via healthcare mobile apps is just on the horizon but may be a useful tool for those in need of assistance for any number of chronic conditions or illnesses they struggle with on a daily basis.

Customers can now access professional pharmacists online from the comfort of their homes using mobile devices,” Okoro stated.

Digital mobile health applications can range from apps that help to remind one to take their medications to another that scans the body for biometric sensors, depending on the individual’s own needs. Some of the benefits of advanced healthcare mobile apps of the future include:

  • Doctor’s Visits: We already see many applications available for those who are interested in scheduling a doctor’s appointment via their phone or via a video call.
  • Prescription medication refill: Request and order refills of your medications to ensure you never run out.
  • Medication tracking: In the future, devices and biometric sensors may have the ability to detect whether or not a patient is taking their medication (and if they are doing so properly).
  • Communication: Communicate directly with doctors or your care team with integrated messaging and/or video calls on-demand.
  • Test results: Be your own advocate with direct access to all of your medical documents and records at the press of a button.

5. Increased Security

As AI becomes increasingly intelligent and capable of making decisions based on data it has been fed, security protocols have also become a top priority for developers and company owners alike. As AI continues to evolve and shift in the way that it is used by consumers as well as by backend developers, we will need to take a cautious approach to AI itself. Knowing how to better understand potential risks, types of attacks, and risks are essential as we move forward with the integration of AI into the world of pharmaceuticals and medications for those in need.

Understanding up-and-coming trends in the pharmacy app development sector is essential whether you work in pharma or development, or if you are leading a healthcare company or provider of any kind. The more familiar you are with the latest trends in pharmacy app development, the easier it is to make decisions with regard to the future of your apps and the consumers you are trying to reach.

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