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Healthcare Sector to Emerge as Leading End-Use Industry in 3D Imaging Market creates new opportunities

The demand for 3D imaging technologies has been on the rise on account of the growing applications from across vertical such as entertainment, manufacturing, health care, design, defense, and construction. In the future, it is expected that the application areas of 3D imaging will rise further and this is expected to boost the growth prospects of the global 3D imaging market. The market is also expected to witness a growth on account of the rapid development in recording and displaying technologies as well as digital capture technology. The day will not be far when 3D imaging becomes important in manufacturing and other industries. According to a recent research report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global 3D imaging market is anticipated to exhibit an excellent CAGR of 26.8% from 2015 to 2021 and be worth US$17.99 bn by 2021.

The following blog post answers three important questions based on global 3D imaging market:

Q. What are the important factors which are behind the tremendous growth of the global 3D imaging market?

The increasing incidences of heart diseases and other chronic diseases such as cancer across the globe has led to the rise in the total number of complex surgeries performed all over the world. High prevalence of diseases has also lead to a staggering rise in the number of diagnostic tests that are being held globally. This will majorly boost the global 3D imaging market. Another important factor that is expected to accelerate the growth of this market is the high demand for 3D imaging technology and solutions from automated industry applications.

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Which application segment will be the highest revenue generator for 3D imaging market?

One of the key application areas of the 3D imaging technique and solutions is the medical field. The medical imaging industry has thus been revolutionized by the advent of 3D imaging techniques and this has resulted in the healthcare sector being the current most lucrative application segment for the 3D imaging market. The health sector is the highest revenue generator as of now for the global 3D imaging market and is expected to continue to be in a dominant position throughout 2021.

Which regional segment will offer lucrative opportunities of growth in the years to come?

North America has always been leading in terms of technological advancements and innovation. This will make the region one of the key markets for global 3D imaging. While Asia Pacific comparatively had lower contribution to the overall revenue of the market, this trend is expected to change very soon. Amazing receptiveness of 3D imaging technology and solution across various industries will drive growth of the Asia Pacific 3D imaging market. 3D imaging technology and solutions will also be adopted extensively in customer electronic products which are anticipated to bolster the growth of the market in Asia Pacific further. This region boasts of a thriving electronic and automotive sector and this spells good news for the 3D imaging market as this technology is being used extensively for automation of automobiles and consumer electronics.

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