Healthcare Industry to Benefit from Simulocity As New Virtual Platforms Go Live

The company expanded it’s footprint in the healthcare sector and launched and industry-specific platform.

Simulocity just announced their latest new platform, SIMHEALTH. This will serve the needs of the healthcare industry. After extensively working with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies for the last two years, the company is proud to announce the creation of a new platform that is tailor-made to the healthcare industry. Through SIMHEALTH, healthcare organizations can participate in clinical education sessions, conduct patient education seminars, delivered wellness content, along with patient care, live interaction with patients, and share best-practices, anytime…anywhere. The innovations firm is excited to provide a platform for one of the most essential industries in the workforce, their partners, patients, clinicians, learners and/or staff.

“Now all of our current and future clients in the healthcare industry will share our popular platform features, innovative and immersive modules, security, along with our award-winning, intuitive user experiences, within our SIMHEALTH Platform,” said Dr. Manuel Dominguez, founder and CEO of Simulocity. “SIMHEALTH will deliver year round patient and clinical education, patient care, events management, and serve as a virtual center of excellence. Our goal is to increase access to care, education and collaboration, amongst patients, clinicians and staff that are served by healthcare organizations.”

In addition to these features, the platform will also have unique, custom-built applications and integrations made for the healthcare industry in mind, such as an LMS, EHR, Telehealth, Serious Medical Games for Clinicians and Caregivers, Live & OnDemand Events, Healthcare Expo Hall, and much more.

About the Company
Located in Orlando, Florida, Simulocity is a technology solutions firm comprised of top innovators with decades of proven results in delivering innovative and ground-breaking technologies around the globe. Simulocity develops customized simulation technologies for healthcare, education, training and events management. Their expertise is in integrating & innovating leading-edge technologies, including virtual platforms for business, virtual-reality, learning via gamification, business intelligence, combined with expert project management. Simulocity is the recipient of numerous awards, including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s – Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, CIO Applications’ – Top 10 Simulation Solution Providers, and CIO Review’s – 20 Most Promising Gamification Technology Solution Providers.

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