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Hawex IO: brand-new services in the fintech market

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For centuries, people have been changing the world around them, making life more comfortable. Cars are getting faster, computers are getting more powerful, and services are becoming more accessible. The online financial services market is more developed than ever, so it becomes more difficult to surprise the consumer with any innovation. To date, thousands of fintech companies have been registered such as PSP, crypto exchange and processors, DeFi platforms, banks etc, simplifying the financial management of their customers. Hawex IO, an ambitious company in the fintech market, knows what business lacks in modern conditions and presents a new convenient solution to this problem.

Hawex IO: payment service provider and cryptoprocessor in a convenient application Hawex Mobile 

Hawex IO is a relatively young company in the fintech market. The name “Hawex” consists of two parts: “hawk” and the beginning of “exchange”. This pun fully reflects the plans of a group of like-minded people who registered their startup in Malta in 2019, and a year later – in the UK, having received FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) authorization there. The company’s approach is similar to the behavior of a hawk hovering above the ground and tracking the target. The company observes the abundance of services in the fintech market, combines them into a single solution together with its own developments and constantly optimizes the resulting product.

The starting point of the development was the idea of creating an analogue of a mobile bank for business, aggregating a number of functions that were previously unavailable or inconvenient to use. For example, Internet acquiring allows users from all over the world to make payments with bank cards (credit and debit) online. As one of many payment service providers, Hawex IO offers this service to its customers. However, in the modern world there are many payment methods where the source of payment is not only a bank card. Cryptocurrency payments continue to increase their share in the total turnover of online transactions. After analyzing the interest of users, the Hawex IO team did not stop at traditional payment methods and proposed a solution to combine fiat and cryptocurrency payments in one product. Having implemented its own cryptoprocessing, the company is also preparing to introduce a new mobile application — Hawex Mobile. But first things first.

Now working not only as a payment service provider, but also as a cryptoprocessor, Hawex IO allows its customers to legally accept payments from both bank cards and crypto wallets. The company fully accompanies the process of receiving, storing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies from users – individuals  to companies. This significantly expands the customer base, opening up new opportunities for development.

Hawex Mobile offers all payment methods: fiat and non-fiat. By creating an account, the client can open a crypto wallet (custodial or non-custodial) and manage their assets without additional conversion. With Hawex Mobile, you can also issue a virtual or physical crypto card, as well as easily pay by it around the world by linking it to Apple Pay or Google Pay contactless payment services.

Hawex Teamwork: development stages and plans for 2023

What is the secret of the Hawex IO success? According to the CEO of the company, Romans Nekrutenko, this is not only a non-standard approach to creating a product, but also a useful cooperation. Like many startups, Hawex IO was created by a group of enthusiasts striving to achieve a common goal. The project team was formed according to the same principle of involvement in the common cause, and so far some of the employees are people who have fully devoted themselves to the tasks of the company. This allows the development team to turn new ideas into a working technical solution.

However, it is often not enough for a product or solution to simply work — they must be maximally adapted to user needs. The Hawex IO team makes every effort to create a simple and intuitive interface without losing the functionality of the project. To do this, developers stay in touch with their customers, analyzing each request or offer individually. For each case, Hawex specialists find a competent solution, closing the user’s pain points, and at the same time evaluate the possibility of implementing this solution into the system. According to the employees, by receiving feedback, you can improve the product and make it even more convenient and functional.

The team’s ambition is reflected in the company’s plans. Hawex IO aims to release a SaaS mobile banking application, as well as a SaaS exchange. The release of the Hawex Mobile application is scheduled for March 2023. We are sure that this year Hawex IO will appear more than once in the news feed of the fintech industry, presenting brand-new solutions.

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