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HavVest – The New Online Bank Disrupting the Banking Sector


This year alone, global inflation rose at 7.7%. Here in Nigeria, we experienced a 21.47% increase in inflation — the highest annual increase in inflation since 1996. The reason being that supply chain delays began to take more of an effect on consumer prices, before the Russia-Ukraine war worsened the issue.

This means if you have #100,000 saved in your bank account at the beginning of this year, right now, your #100,000 can only buy things worth #78,530. 

From your grocery shopping down to all your major and minor purchases, you hear how prices of these goods and services have skyrocketed. Foreseeing no end in sight to inflation, prices continue to increase with each passing day. 

You, as a consumer, might be inclined to save your earnings in commercial banks as an escape route, while waiting patiently for inflation to subside. As reasonable as this decision is, it might not  be the best way to stay afloat in these crippling economic times.

Research on commercial banks shows that locking up your money in a savings account in a traditional bank account is a poor financial decision. This is because of their laughable low interest rates — 1.28%, which in turn weakens your purchasing power and your money’s value.

Don’t forget that traditional banks are here to make as much profit as they can from every naira you deposit with them. Your money is lent to businesses and individuals at a whopping interest rate of 26.61% per annum. 

This means they give you an average of 1.28% interest, while they keep an astounding 25.33% profit. Now, this is insane, isn’t it? Which is safe to say that only fools keep money in the bank.

As if this is not enough, these banks consistently make debit charges every month in your account for services you cannot explain how they benefit you, thereby depleting the already saved money. 

Be a Step Ahead of Inflation

Chris Berkel, investment advisor and founder of AXIS Financial in Edmond, Oklahoma, says, “Inflation is the silent wealth killer.” He continues in his financial insight, “Inflation has the potential to erode the purchasing power of an investor’s portfolio, even if they maintain positive returns year-over-year.”

To break this down, it means for you to stand your ground during peak inflation, your long-term investments need to earn at least 21.47% per annum. Surely, commercial banks cannot give their investors such interest rates in Nigeria, or anywhere in the world.

Therefore, to be one step ahead of inflation, it is advisable to invest in assets that outpace the ongoing inflation. The cumulative returns on investing in assets like HavVest’s real estate projects are one of the best ways experts suggest you invest to beat inflation,

Instead of holding on to cash and stashing them in commercial banks, piggy banks or even esusu, diversify your earnings on real investments like real estate — not stocks, bonds, or even crypto – which are not real assets. When returns are accrued at the end of each investment cycle, it saves you from losing your money to inflation, and even returns profits on your investments.

Again, the knowledge of compounding returns — when you reinvest your returns to earn even more — allows you to play the game against inflation. And the longer you remain invested, the better.

Predicting future market trends is somewhat tricky, but smart, long-term investing in a real estate fintech platform like HavVest is the best way to stave off inflation. Now, let’s take a look at what HavVest is, their interest rates, and how they help investors like you not to sink with inflation.

What is HavVest?

The new fintech company, HavVest, has extensively researched loopholes of commercial banks, and has come up with financial and technological solutions to help you weather the current economic storms.  

HavVest, currently dubbed the smartest way to save and invest in real estate, provides different options to invest in real estate. Additionally, even if you are not interested in investing in real estate, you can save with HavVest for your rent, birthday, child dedication, car purchase, or anything your heart desires, and get a 3%-15% interest on your savings. What is a better way to save than with HavVest?

Going back to their investment options for investors, each investment option has its maturity tenure and interest rate. Online banks like HavVest have realized that the only best way to invest money and get guaranteed positive returns is no other place than a real asset like real estate. 

This online bank is giving out as much as 15% interest rate, since they are a startup. And you can’t tell how long they will keep giving out this high interest rate. So, savers are encouraged to lock in on their current high interest rates before they probably change their mind and reduce them to say 13% or 10% as in the case of Piggyvest. Who knows?

For investors, the minimum investment stake is #50,000, and the more your investment stake, the higher your return for each business year.

They are even on the move to build a contemporary city called the Havana City, which is a city they believe will help organize Africa. And laying the blueprint to build world-class cities in Africa, cities that compete with western infrastructures.  

HavVest tries to give back as much as possible to their customers, which is why HavVest is giving out this huge interest rate because they are just a startup. Early investors will benefit the most from them. The early bird, they say, gets the worm.

Why Choose HavVest?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), recently analyzed that real estate, especially retail property, is the best bet to beat inflation. No wonder it is not uncommon for inflation-averse investors to turn to real estate investment vehicles like HavVest, to buy portions in real estate projects, until they receive their returns at maturity, and even reinvest their returns in the next investment cycle.  

HavVest is different from commercial banks because global inflation has not reached an all-time high of 15%, and their compounding returns will help their investors stand on their feet during troubling economic times. 

Using the highest level of technology in digital security, the company ensures that investors’ data and investments, as well as their savers and their savings are safe.

In conclusion, an early bird, they say, gets the worm. The inflation in Nigeria continues to weaken the purchasing power of her citizens, leaving the majority of the populace poorer. A decisive stance to invest in HavVest begins your journey of success in your financial life. Visit to start saving and investing the smart way now.

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