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Have A Big Yard? Have These 7 Arborist Services Regularly

Arborist Services

Maintaining a big yard can be a real challenge. Those towering trees may look majestic, but they bring their fair share of headaches – branches growing out of control, pests making themselves at home, and overall upkeep becoming overwhelming. But fear not! Our guide is your solution. 

We will walk you through the essential arborist services your yard needs to thrive. No more fretting over tree health or battling stubborn bugs alone. With the expertise of an Arborist Mornington Peninsula by your side, you can reclaim your outdoor space and turn it into the beautiful sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

#1. Tree Pruning 

One of the most crucial services you should get for your sprawling yard is tree pruning. It is like giving your trees a trim for safety and shape. It’s all about snipping away dead, weak, or sick branches and sculpting the tree or shrub into the perfect form. 

Why is this important? 

Well, it’s not just about looks. 

  • Keep your plants healthy and beautiful
  • Lowers the risk of accidents from falling branches
  • Less yard work for you in the long run

However, pruning should always be done in a way that encourages healthy growth, strengthens the tree’s structure, and keeps it safe from harm.  

#2: Tree Removal 

In the life of a tree, there comes a time when it’s no longer healthy or safe to stay. That’s when the expert arborists step in. They assess the situation and decide if a tree needs to be removed. They carefully take it down, making sure it doesn’t harm anything around it—property, people, or even other trees. So, when tough choices about tree removal pop up, leaning on the know-how of these pros can make those decisions a lot simpler.”

#3: Emergency Tree Work

Sometimes, trees can cause unexpected problems, like falling branches during storms or blocking roads after heavy winds. That’s when emergency tree work comes in. It’s all about getting help quickly to deal with urgent tree issues. Professional arborists rush to the scene, assess the situation, and take action to make things safe again. Whether it’s removing fallen trees, clearing blocked paths, or securing damaged branches, they’ve got the skills and tools to handle it. With emergency tree work, safety comes first, ensuring everyone stays out of harm’s way.

#4: Wood Chipping

Wood chipping is like a magic trick for trees!  It’s nature’s way of recycling and helping out the earth!

When trees get trimmed or taken down, the leftover bits are put into a machine called a wood chipper. This machine chops them up into small pieces called wood chips. These chips have lots of uses, like covering gardens to stop weeds and keeping the soil moist. They are also good for the environment because they come from trees that would’ve been thrown away. 

So, when you have fallen wood in your yard, make sure to call in a professional arborist for help.

#5: Deadwooding

Deadwooding is removing dead or sick branches from trees to keep them safe. These branches, called “deadwood,” can break off during storms and hurt people or damage things below. By getting rid of deadwood regularly, you make sure your trees stay healthy and don’t cause accidents. Also, taking out deadwood stops bugs and diseases from spreading to other parts of the tree. It helps air and sunlight reach the tree better too, so it can grow new branches and look nicer.

Arborists are trained to do deadwooding carefully, using the right tools to avoid harming the tree. They check each tree to see how much deadwood it has and which branches need to go first. Doing deadwooding often means your trees stay safe and beautiful for a long time.

#6: Storm Damage

When storms hit, trees can get hurt badly. High winds, heavy rain, and lightning can break branches or even knock trees over. This damage not only looks bad but can also be dangerous for buildings, cars, and people nearby.

Fixing storm damage needs quick action from experts called arborists. They check how bad the damage is and decide what to do. This might mean cutting broken branches, taking down fallen trees, or supporting damaged ones to stop them from falling more.

It’s important to fix storm damage fast to keep everyone safe and help the trees recover. With the right help and care, trees can get better after a storm and keep making our surroundings look beautiful.

#7: Hazard Pruning

Hazard pruning is when arborists make trees safer. Sometimes, trees grow in ways that can be risky, like branches hanging over roads or power lines. Hazard pruning means cutting these risky branches to stop accidents or damage.

Arborists look at trees carefully to find the risky parts and decide which branches to remove. By doing this, they make sure trees do not cause any problems for people, buildings, or power lines. It also makes trees stronger and reduces the chances of accidents during storms.

Final Word:

As you can see, arborists play multiple roles—as chippers, pruners, and more—to keep your yard safe and healthy. So, make sure to subscribe to their services regularly and maintain your yard at the highest standard. For further assistance, you can visit High Line Tree Care, one of the finest Tree Pruning Geelong. From tree removal to pruning to woodchipping, they can offer multiple services for your yard.

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