Hate Your Nose? Here Is Why You Don’t Need To According to Skin Works Medical Spa

Hate Your Nose Here Is Why You Don't Need To According to Skin Works Medical Spa

Everyone’s got a nose, however, there are lots of people who don’t like the nose they have. Some may find that their nose is too big or too wide. In some cases, they may find their nostrils flare too much or the tip of their nose is too bulbous. Some may have nose injuries from their younger days or may have a nose bridge that resembles a speed bump. 

Whatever your nose troubles may be, Dr. Turk can help by performing nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty, nose surgery cost is more affordable than you might think. He will make sure that you get the nose you truly want which is not only functional but one that you’re proud to have. He is extremely professional with board certified surgical expertise that is perfect for such a delicate surgery. 

Top Reasons You May Want A Nose Surgery

Many of our patients want to change the look of their nose and we will now discuss some of their reasons. 

Nose tip surgery: If you think that your nose tip looks to big or even flat, then Dr. Turk can fix this issue by surgically removing cartilage from your nose’s interior. If you think your nose doesn’t project enough, then projection can be achieved by grafting cartilage sourced from your nasal septum or even from your ear onto the tip of your nose. 

Augmentation or reduction of the columellar: The columella sounds complex but it simply refers to the bit of skin and cartilage that is located between your nostrils and under your nose. There are people whose columella sticks out and is quite visible. In order to fix this, Dr. Turk would simply make a small cut in the nose in order to lift the columella. This would ensure that it doesn’t stick out anymore. 

Dorsal augmentation or reduction: If you have a hump on your nose, you’re likely very conscious of it. In order to remove this hump, Dr. Turn would do a dorsal reduction by cutting inside of the nose so that the cartilage causing this bump could be reduced. 

Reducing nostril flair: If you look at most bad guys in cartoons, they all have a nostril flair. The vast majority don’t like this feature or even having nostrils that are too wide. This issue can be fixed by Dr. Turk by taking out the tissues at the corners of the nostril in order to make the nose narrower and reduce the amount of flare. 

Rhinoplasty to improve breathing: Doing nose surgery is not just about changing the look of your nose but there are also functional reasons. Your breathing is dependent on how your nose is configured as well as the condition of your nasal septum and nasal turbinate.

In order to improve your breathing, Dr. Turk can assist by making your turbinates smaller or even making your septum straighter. If you have injuries, he can repair them so you can experience better breathing.

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