Hassan Shibly Provides Tips To Help You Feel More Comfortable When Speaking In Front of an Audience

Speaking In Front of an Audience

Hassan Shibly is a lawyer who focuses on civil rights cases and is a public speaker. He believes that having a public speaking platform helps him spread awareness about some of the civil rights issues people face and ways to overcome those issues. He also knows that other people have passions that they would love to speak about in front of an audience, but the fear of public speaking may prevent them from being able to do so. Here are a few tips that Mr. Shibly hopes will help you feel more comfortable speaking in front of an audience. 

Hassan Shibly Recommends Finding a Platform You Feel Passionate About

One of the best ways to help yourself feel more comfortable when speaking in front of an audience is to find a platform or topic that you are extremely passionate about. When you have a passionate topic, it becomes easier to talk, engage the audience, and spread awareness about the cause or topic you are speaking about. If you only feel lukewarm about your speech topic, it may be time to find a new topic.  

Shibly Encourages You to Practice and Know Your Talking Points

Another tip that Hassan Shibly states may help you feel more comfortable when speaking in front of an audience is practicing your speech repeatedly. You want to practice it until you have your talking point memorized. Knowing your speech inside and out can help make you feel less nervous about presenting it to others. If you are worried about forgetting parts of your speech, consider bringing along an outline, note cards, or visual aids to help you stick to your presentation. 

Shibly States You Should Always Get in the Right State of Mind Before Taking the Stage

Lastly, Mr. Shibly says that you should always get yourself in the right state of mind before speaking in front of an audience. If you feel anxious, consider working out and letting out steam before a speaking engagement. Meditating or doing breathing exercises may help you to relax as well. Also, consider eating a meal or a protein-packed snack, so you do not feel hungry or lightheaded before hitting the stage. 

Many people have a message that others need to hear, but they are too scared or nervous to speak publicly, which prevents their message from being heard. Hassan Shibly is a public speaker; as such, he understands how nerve-wracking it can be to get in front of a large crowd and speak. However, finding a platform to speak on that you are passionate about, practicing your speech over and over, and getting in the right mind frame before taking the stage can help you to feel more confident and comfortable with your public speaking engagements. 

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