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What is Harrington Group International(HGI)?

HGI is “a global network of performance improvement providers delivering solutions to businesses and industries worldwide.” HGI has designed effective and efficient business management tools for businesses of all sizes and takes pride in putting customers first. Whether it’s a small business, major corporation, or a company that’s just getting started, HGI has cost-efficient tools to minimize the inevitable setbacks that come with running a business.

HGI’s Ability to Help

Harrington Group International sell products and services to businesses and Industries in order for them to proficiently manage different aspects of there company. The motto for HGI is that customers come first and the ability to customize software is a must. All products are adaptable to customer needs to a reasonable extent. If the products offered are not able to be tailored to the needs of a business, HGI offers professional services to help create the product you are looking for.

HGI takes pride in their 508 compliance by supporting the needs of those with disabilities and ensuring that everyone that needs IT equipment has access to it. This follows Harrington Group Internationals’ motto to connect with people and businesses and work with them to reach their maximum potential.

HGI Software Products

HGI offers products ranging from Enterprise Quality Management Software Systems to Desktop Software Systems. Each system has its own specialty. Enterprise Quality Management Software Systems are intended to be used mainly by larger businesses and industries. Some of these software products include:

HQMS: Harrington Quality Management Software

  • All-in-one control software solution targeting process improvement, compliance, and quality management.
  • Manages customers, employees, supply chains, products, and services.
  • Utilizes corrective and preventative action through risk assessment and abatement and audit management.
  • Monitors non-conformance such as customer complaints and employee corrective measures.
  • It includes a HQMS document library option with multi-browser compatibility for document control.
  • Tracks task management, compliance, training, records management and more.

CaWeb: Corrective Action and Issue Management Software.

  • This software is created to identify, manage, and resolve issues that hinder productivity and efficiency.
  • With automated steps to help increase productivity and efficiency, the production process can run smoother with fewer mishaps.
  • It focuses on both issue and action management solutions through identifying the issue and keeping detailed reports for managers to review.
  • The data on caWeb is accessible to managers anytime and anywhere.

Supplier Collaboration Portal: An Integrated Supplier Management System

  • First and foremost, this system improves communication with suppliers, eliminating confusion between the transactions between a business and a supplier partnership.
  • No more manually tracking supplier transactions and hoping not to lose the data, because this system automates the storing of each interaction with suppliers and safety stores it all in the same place for easy reference at any time.
  • Improve communication with suppliers.
  • Evaluate and control supplier performance through supplier scoring and gain insight on supplier efficiency.

Desktop Software Systems are utilized by smaller businesses and those just getting started in the business industry. These products include:

Audit Master:

An audit master manages internal audits and surveillance. Through streamlined audit scheduling and monitoring to ensure procedural compliance, less time is wasted with miniscule details because it is already documented. Audit master can create historical data, highlight problem areas, identify areas of improvement, and document corrective actions. This system also supports management reviews.

Calibration Recall:

Collaboration Tracking Software Solution helps track and control equipment maintenance. It enables safety, uniformity, and productivity in the workplace. Any successful idea, business, community, etc. requires collaboration to keep the system running smoothly.

Document Control:

Document Management Software gives managers the ability to create, manage, and share documents throughout the whole organization in a timely, simple manner, at the same time documenting these communications for reference. The revision control module is what safely and securely stores archives, so they don’t get lost.

Maintenance Log Pro:

man This software enables the documentation and scheduling of equipment maintenance to prevent unnecessary maintenance breaks in the middle of production. Keeping up to date on equipment maintenance extends the service life, decreasing costs to the business. Keeping track of work orders, scheduling reoccurring maintenance, and generating reports give managers the ability to forecast downtime and maintain accurate records to eliminate gaps in productivity.

Training Manager:

This software enables organizations to schedule, report, and track employee training. Featuring multi-language support, email capability, a training notification system, new built-in reporting system, and the ability to swiftly upgrade from TM2 and TM3. This software comes optimized for Windows XP and Vista 7 and 10.

What HGI Offers in Services

Professional Services: Focused on performance improvement within government and industry management. Some of which include: engineering, information technology, program management, and administration.

Application Hosting: Hosting your quality management solution on available and redundant web servers.

Custom Application Development: Develops high – end apps and software. In depth knowledge of hardware infrastructure and complex database design. Understanding needs, and research to ensure quality.

Report Modification: Provides high quality and powerful reports, Customization to the environment, and Flexible design to modify displays and reports.

Software Training: On-site training to get the most out of the software and to ensure its productivity. Distribute learning solutions.

Implementation: Custom implementation and services.

Customers Take Priority

Harrington Group International is one of the few companies in software development that takes customers seriously. Not only is support available 24/7, but all software is adaptable to a company’s desires and require with the help and support of HGI professionals. The dedication HGI has is so incredible. They are more than willing to go to customer locations and give individualized training on how to optimize their software. This ensures that customers are not purchasing equipment that they do not or cannot understand on their own, decreasing mindless spending on the customers’ behalf.

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