Harnessing Power: The Best Trolling Motor Batteries for Optimal Performance


Navigating the waters of marine adventures requires reliable equipment, with the trolling motor battery being a pivotal component in ensuring seamless journeys. The quest for the best trolling motor batteries transcends mere power requirements, encompassing factors like durability, efficiency, and compatibility. This essential power source is the lifeblood of trolling motors, influencing performance, Runtime, and overall boating experiences. Whether you’re an avid angler seeking extended fishing excursions or a leisure boater craving tranquil voyages, the significance of a top-tier trolling motor battery remains undeniable. Storms evolve in tandem as technology evolves, introducing innovations like lithium-ion and AGM technologies that redefine efficiency and longevity. However, the many options available necessitate a discerning approach to evaluating specifications, reviews, and brand credibility. Embarking on the journey to discover the best trolling motor battery unveils a realm of possibilities, each promising enhanced performance and reliability. This exploration delves into the intricacies of trolling motor batteries, guiding enthusiasts and professionals toward informed decisions that elevate their marine escapades to unparalleled heights.

Choosing the Best Trolling Motor Battery

A trolling motor is a precious tool for anglers, offering enhanced maneuverability and positioning to place baits perfectly. Trolling engines run off onboard batteries, making selecting the proper battery capacity and specifications vital. Batteries provide power to thrust propellers and steer electric motors all day for precise boat control without needing to drop anchor.

When picking batteries for your trolling motor, the top factors to evaluate are:

Voltage – Match the volts to trolling motor requirements, usually 12V or 24V systems.

Amp Hours (Ah) – More amp hours equal longer run times before needing recharge.

Reserve Capacity (RC) – The minutes a battery can run a constant 25A discharge. Helpful indicator for heavy motor loads above trolling’s intermittent current draw.

Battery Count – Some systems use just one battery, while others wire two or more together for more voltage and amp hours.

The following sections cover recommended batteries based on the above criteria for both 12V and 24V trolling motor setups.

12V Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Choosing the correct battery is paramount for optimizing the performance of a 12V trolling motor. Several top-rated batteries stand out regarding reliability, longevity, and overall efficiency.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Traditional lead-acid batteries like the Interstate Batteries Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) series offer a balance of affordability and performance. Known for their robust construction, these batteries provide consistent power output suitable for various trolling motor applications.

AGM Batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, such as the VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857, are renowned for their maintenance-free design and superior durability. AGM technology ensures efficient charge acceptance and minimal discharge rates, making them ideal for extended fishing trips.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Specifically designed for trolling motors, deep cycle batteries like the Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 are optimized to deliver prolonged, steady power. Their deep discharge capabilities and resilient build cater to rigorous marine conditions, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

For those seeking premium performance, lithium-ion options like the Dakota Lithium 12V 100Ah provide unparalleled energy density, lightweight design, and extended lifespan. Though pricier, their efficiency, rapid charging capabilities, and reduced weight offer distinct advantages for avid anglers.

When selecting a battery for a 12V trolling motor, considering factors like battery type, capacity, durability, and brand reputation is crucial. Each of these top batteries exemplifies excellence in its category, offering users a spectrum of choices to enhance their trolling motor experience with optimal power and reliability.

Here are some of the top-rated marine batteries perfect for 12V trolling systems:

VMAX MR127 12V 85Ah AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

  1. 85-amp hours and 120 minutes reserve capacity
  2. Heavy-duty absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction
  3. Dual terminal design to maximize energy utilization for bigger motors
  4. Ideal performance match for smaller 12V electric trolling motors

Renogy 12V 100Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery

  1. 100-amp hour capacity
  2. Maintenance-free operation with better lifespans than wet cell acid batteries
  3. Fully sealed gel suspension technology prevents leaks
  4. Perfect for small to midrange 12V thrust trolling motors

Mighty Max 12V 35Ah SLA Battery

  1. 35-amp hour capacity
  2. Spill-proof internal cells with heavy-duty plastic exterior case
  3. Budget-friendly sealed lead acid option good for lighter-duty motors
  4. Equipped with nut and bolt style terminals for secure cable connections

Best Batteries for 24V Trolling Motors

Here are some top batteries that can be wired to produce 24-volt setups capable of powering larger bow mount motors:

Renogy 12V 170Ah Gel Deep Cycle SLAs

  1. Huge 170-amp hour capacity
  2. Pair two of these 12V batteries in series for 24V operation
  3. Gel cell technology is completely maintenance-free
  4. Longest running 24V system capable of all-day trolling runtimes


  1. Two 100-amp hour capacity batteries wired for 24V
  2. 33% longer lifespan compared to standard wet cell marine batteries
  3. 20+ charge/discharge cycles down to 80% capacity
  4. Absorbed glass mat (AGM) prevents acid spills
  5. Universal 12V 100Ah SLA Deep Cycle Batteries

Affordable pair of 12V 100Ah batteries for 24V trolling

  1. Traditional wet cell lead calcium lead acid composition
  2. Widely proven technology great for medium-sized electric trolling motors

Determining Ideal Trolling Motor Battery Size

The two key variables that determine how much battery capacity is required for powering your specific trolling motor setup are:

Motor Thrust – Measured in pounds (lbs) of thrust. More thrust draws more amps, thus requiring larger batteries.

Expected Run Time – How long do you need for the trolling motor to run on a full charge? 1 hour? All day? Multi-day trip?

Here is a breakdown of typical electric trolling motor size specifications and corresponding amp draws:

Small Trolling Motors

Small trolling motors, compact in design yet robust in functionality, have revolutionized the boating experience for many enthusiasts. These petite powerhouses, typically ranging from 30 to 55 pounds of thrust, cater to a niche market seeking portability without compromising performance. Ideal for kayaks, canoes, and small fishing boats, these motors offer easy maneuverability and efficiency, navigating both calm waters and gentle currents. Their lightweight design facilitates effortless installation and removal, allowing boaters to transition seamlessly between powered and manual propulsion. Despite their modest size, modern small trolling motors incorporate advanced features such as variable speed control, battery-saving mechanisms, and ergonomic controls, ensuring enhanced user experience and operational versatility.

Furthermore, their eco-friendly electric propulsion minimizes environmental impact, promoting sustainable boating practices. Whether you’re exploring tranquil lakes, meandering rivers, or hidden coves, small trolling motors provide the propulsion needed to elevate your adventure. Their compact nature and impressive performance capabilities position them as indispensable companions for boaters prioritizing convenience, efficiency, and maneuverability in their aquatic pursuits.

30 to 50 lbs thrust

  1. 12V voltage systems
  2. Draw 12 to 18 amps while running
  3. Medium Trolling Motors

70 to 80 lbs thrust

  1. 12 or 24V options available
  2. Draw around 20 to 25 amps
  3. Large Trolling Motors

100+ lbs heavy-duty thrust

  1. 36 or 48V voltage
  2. Draw upwards of 50 amps

Now, let’s explore the battery capacities required to run standard trolling motor setups for a given run time per charge.

Small 12V Trolling Motor Runtimes

Small 12V trolling motors, renowned for their compact size and efficiency, offer diverse runtimes influenced by several factors. The battery’s ampere-hour (Ah) rating is pivotal in determining how long a trolling motor can operate on a single charge. For instance, a small 12V trolling motor with a 50Ah battery might provide approximately 2-4 hours of continuous operation at moderate speeds. However, variables like speed settings, water conditions, and boat weight can impact Runtime significantly. Operating at higher thrust levels or navigating through strong currents might reduce the overall Runtime, whereas cruising at lower speeds in calm waters can extend the motor’s operational duration.

Factors such as battery age, maintenance, and charging practices influence performance, necessitating regular assessments and upkeep to optimize runtimes. Despite these considerations, small 12V trolling motors offer efficient propulsion for kayaks, canoes, and lightweight boats, ensuring ample Runtime for most recreational boating activities. Understanding the interplay between these variables enables boaters to maximize their small 12V trolling motor’s efficiency, enjoying extended runtimes and enhanced on-water experiences.

35Ah Battery – 2 Hours Runtime

  1. Enough for short fishing trips
  2. Laguna Power grip Max 30lbs thrust motor example

70Ah Battery – 4+ Hours Runtime

  1. Suitable for half-day fishing outings
  2. Newport Vessels 55lbs thrust motor example

100Ah Battery – 6+ Hours Runtime

  1. All-day Runtime at lower speed settings
  2. Offshore Tripper 66lbs thrust trolling motor
  3. Medium 24V Trolling Motor Runtimes

70Ahx2 Batteries – 3 Hours Runtime

  1. Half-day flexibility at medium speeds
  2. Minnkota Edge 70lbs 24V bow mount example

100Ahx2 Batteries – 5+ Hours Runtime

  1. All-day endurance while trolling at typical speeds
  2. Motor guide X5 105lbs 24V model

170Ahx2 Batteries – 8+ Hours Runtime

  1. Multiple all-day trips without recharging
  2. Run at high speeds for shorter periods when needed
  3. Motor guide Great White 176lbs 24V
  4. Giant 36/48V Trolling Motor Runtimes

100Ahx4 Batteries – 4 Hours Runtime

  1. Suitable for half-day trips running high speeds
  2. Motor guide 45” Xi5 36V heavy duty system

170Ahx4 Batteries – 7+ Hours Runtime

  1. Capacity for all-day endurance at high thrust
  2. Motor guide 45” Xi5 102lbs 48V saltwater model

Larger motors draw major amperage. However, using higher-count battery banks with massive combined capacity enables hitting the water for extended motor-powered trips.

Key Takeaways When Sizing Trolling Motor Batteries:

  1. Match battery voltage to motor requirements
  2. More thrust equates to higher battery capacity needs
  3. Determine realistic runtime goals per charge
  4. Add more batteries to increase amp hours for more extended trips

Applying these guidelines when investing in new deep cycle batteries for your trolling setup ensures ample sustained power for conquering the most epic fishing missions! Commit to the necessary battery capacity for chasing monster trophy catches out on the water all season. Trolling motor battery size refers to the physical dimensions and capacity of batteries suitable for powering trolling motors. Proper size selection ensures compatibility and optimal performance, considering factors like boat size, motor thrust, and desired runtime. Matching the right battery size is essential for efficient and prolonged boating experiences.


Electric trolling motors help anglers precisely present lures and bait to find and catch fish more effectively. Reliable battery systems are crucial for powering trolling propulsion all day long when offshore or onshore fishing. Consider voltage, amp hours, reserve capacity, and wiring diagrams when selecting and installing batteries for any trolling application. Choosing and rigging up appropriately sized battery solutions provides the necessary sustained power for encountering the most brutal fighting dream catches out on the lake, inshore waters, or oceans!

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