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Harness Employee Talents and Promote Your SAP Products through SAP Inside Track Events in the USA


SAP SE, the renowned software company, is stimulating a community-led initiative known as SAP Inside Track (SIT). These grassroots events offer a contrasting environment to SAP’s flagship programs like Sapphire, SAP TechEd, and SAP Code Jam. While the latter is SAP-driven, involve an entry fee, and focus on SAP products and customer testimonials, SITs are community-driven, free to attend, and focus on knowledge sharing and networking.

An SAP Inside Track is a local grassroots community event where SAP Community members come together to share knowledge about SAP-related topics.

SITs are open to everyone — SAP Partner, Customer, Consultant, or Developer. These events offer a stage for companies’ internal SAP experts to present their work, gain recognition, and receive substantial exposure on social media platforms. 

Additionally, SITs also offers a unique platform for SAP partners to showcase their products at a grassroots level. Sponsors can support the event by providing the venue, catering, and other necessities, while simultaneously promoting their products through presentations or displays at the event. Given the low cost but high visibility of these events on social media, SITs serve as an effective and budget-friendly advertisement opportunity for products.

The organization of these events is facilitated by SAP Champions, expert community leaders who can be contacted through their official page: [SAP Champions]( These Champions secure locations, determine relevant content, invite expert speakers, gather attendees, source sponsorship, and coordinate with the SAP Community to assign badges to those involved.

By participating or hosting these SIT events, companies can provide their employees with an opportunity to speak at a recognized SAP event, earn recognition, and boost their company’s standing in the SAP community. This makes SAP Inside Tracks an incredible opportunity for professional growth and corporate visibility within the SAP landscape.

The recognition and attendance of these events extend globally, but the focus of this article is on North America. Several events in this region have been very well received and actively promoted by SAP Champions, contributing significantly to the popularity and success of SITs.

Key persons from SAP fostering this community-driven initiative include Svea Becker and Stephanie de Camara Marley from SAP,  Among the prominent SAP Champions promoting these events are Sergio Guerrero, Narasimha Prasad Bhat [LinkedIn](, and Lingaiah Vanam [LinkedIn](

Narasimha Prasad Bhat, in particular, has been instrumental in lining up several SIT events in the Midwest area. One of the successful events recently held in Wisconsin has been well documented in this [LinkedIn Post]( The event was rich with enlightening presentations, speakers discussed varied topics such as building a custom program to consolidate purchase requisitions to align with supplier’s rules for discount, SAP best practices for S/4 HANA implementation, comparison between Agile and Waterfall methodologies, planning interfaces, and ETO designing in SAP.

These firsthand accounts underscore the impact and reach of SAP Inside Track events, illuminating their value as a platform for professional development, community engagement, and effective product promotion. This growing initiative in North America and around the world proves that the SAP community is vibrant, diverse, and eager to share knowledge.

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