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Harmonizing Skincare: Nourishing Lip Balm and Methylene Blue Face Cream

Nobiesse, and Nobiesse Laboratories, LLC, is a DTC Safe & Effective Skin Care, Personal Care, and Home Care product company. It was founded by a family that wanted to create products with natural ingredients and do-no-harm, man-made components that people choose to buy every day. The products work to nourish both your body and your skin, all with powerful blue skin care products.

The Nobiesse Brand: Methylene Blue Skincare, Nourishing Lip Balm and More!

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The people at Nobiesse believe that wellness experienced over a long life is the ultimate luxury. As a one-time, irreplaceable gift, our lives are important, and Nobiesse knows that taking care of one’s body and skin is an important aspect of everyday living. By adopting the motto “longevity is the ultimate luxury,” it has created a variety of products that work to shape your skincare needs, be it a nourishing lip balm to a face cream, a mask and more while focusing on overall health and wellness in addition to being amazingly effective products.

The Noblesse™ Original Petroleum Free Nourishing Lip Balm with Beeswax

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The Nobiesse petroleum-free lip balm is a hydration-packed formula that offers nothing short of kissable lips. With an on-the-go, compact design, its naturally sourced ingredients ensure that the beeswax-infused balm lasts. With soothing and revitalizing moisture that is enriched with the essence of rosemary essential oil, the Nobiesse nourishing lip balm provides what it describes as a “subtle, earthy-luxe feel” that you want from any of your lip care products.

The Nobiesse balm contains only six ingredients, including: 

  • Beeswax
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Sugar-derived squalane 

If you’ve been looking to buy petroleum jelly-free lip balm, the Nobiesse original lip balm is the best lip balm to buy.

The Crème Bleue Methylene Blue Anti-aging Face Cream

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Lip care isn’t the only thing that Nobiesse specializes in. The Crème Blue Methylene Blue Face Cream is a Methylene Blue skin care product that offers hydration with powerful antioxidant Methylene Blue, which not only has anti-aging properties, but also reverses skin aging. The rejuvenating formula: 

  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  • Revitalizes natural collagen production
  • Deeply hydrates your skin
  • Has been clinically demonstrated to help protect skin from the effects of excessive UVA, UVB, and UVC exposure

The Crème Blue Methylene Blue Face Cream is packed in a 1.75 oz bottle and lasts approximately 30 days when used as part of your daily face care routine. 

With a simple list of ingredients that includes grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, Nobiesse’s Methylene Blue skincare products are formulated for all skin types. You need only to dab it on and gently rub it onto your face and neck to receive the utmost benefit from it.

Methylene Blue Skincare Bath & Body Bar

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Nobiesse also features a Blue Bath and Body Bar that has the same Methylene Blue anti-aging ingredients that the face cream does. This bar—which doubles as both a skin and a shampoo bar—elevates your skincare routine, and helps you embark on a journey that joins forces with olive, coconut, and palm oils to cleanse and hydrate your skin. With the exfoliating power of Brazilian coffee grounds, Nobiesse’s Blue Bath and Body Bar is one of the customers’ favorite items.

Buy Nobiesse’s Original Lip Balm and Methylene Blue Skin Products Today! 

Nobiesse’s products are all available on its online store. Its commitment to providing safe, quality ingredients makes Nobiesse the place to shop for luxurious skincare goods. It even has All-Day Deodorant, to keep you feeling fresh on the go!  

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