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Handsontable Data Grid Will Improve Your Work Efficiency

If you are looking for a data visualization tool for your project, you may be wondering whether you should choose a ready-to-use solution or invest in building your own API. Explore the capabilities of the JavaScript data grid by Handsontable and it will be easier for you to decide which option will support your product better.

Handsontable Ready to Assist Your Project

It is common for many users, both individuals and enterprises, to choose DIY options to save money. Chances are high that making your own data grid with JavaScript will be successful even if you are not a highly experienced programmer. Building a simple data grid is not impossible for novices, while professional coders can also handle data grids with intrinsic design and additional features.

Yet, it all takes time and money. The more advanced functionality you are looking for, the more resources you will have to invest in your project. Although building your own API does not require a one-time payment or annual subscription fees, it certainly will generate regular expenses throughout the entire period of design, development and maintenance. Don’t forget about the lost income during the downtime related to the data grid creation.

With Handsontable, you can get a ready-made solution with extended functionality right away. Your application or website will reach its maximum performance after an easy deployment and your developers will be able to focus on other tasks.

Scalability and Robust Performance for High ROI

Implementing the Handsontable JavaScript data grid can bring your company a considerable return on investment due to its powerful performance.

Whether you are going to use your data grid to optimize the work of your staff or it is a necessary component of an application or website you are offering to your customers, the flawless performance of Handsontable will enhance business processes.

Handsontable is capable of handling vast data sets due to row and column virtualization. It does not process the entire collection of data at once. It sends only chunks of records present in the visible area of the table to the DOM and processes the rest of the records when you reach them by scrolling. This feature of Handsontable allows managing virtually any amount of data without making your platform lag.

Such scalability of your product or service can have a significant impact on both your employees and customers. With a high degree of scalability, your employees can work on their respective tasks more efficiently, allowing for increased productivity and a more streamlined work experience.

Handsontable and HyperFormula – beyond JavaScript Data Grid

The JavaScript data grid by Handsontable has a UI similar to popular spreadsheet programs. It makes this API particularly user-friendly and does not require too much time to learn how to use it.

Besides its rich functionality for data visualization, Handsontable can be utilized together with HyperFormula, a powerful engine for calculations, also designed by Handsontable. Combining two tools will give you one ultimate solution for meeting all your business requirements.


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