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Handling Social Pressures- Staying Safe With Friends in the Car

When you’re driving with friends, you are liable for your safety and their safety. But social pressures can make adults and teens drive recklessly because they want to show off. Driving lessons will help prevent passengers from distracting you. Lessons can help educate you on the risks so you can make informed decisions. Here are tips for handling social pressures to stay safe with friends in the car:

Don’t Show Off

If you just acquired your driving license, you may face immense pressure from friends to drive faster than you normally would. Other times you may feel tempted to show off and drive recklessly. Showing off can put everyone in the car in danger. You have nothing to prove and driving within the speed limit is key to safe driving.

The best way to respond to social pressures is to say no. You will send a clear message that you don’t want to compromise your safety and that of your friends. Even if you face pressure from friends, stay firm and stick to your own decision.

Noise and Distractions in the Car

Driving friends around is fun, but distractions can make you lose concentration on the road. Teasing, yelling, and wrestling may look harmless, but they can lead to an accident. As the driver, you must maintain control and show leadership to keep everyone safe. Setting standards and rules before any trip will help your friends stay calm and respectful during the drive. When distractions or problems arise on the trip, address the behavior with your friends for everyone to have a safe ride.

Don’t Allow Your Friends To Make Decisions for You

As the driver, you are responsible for making decisions. You are in charge of applying safe defensive driving techniques.

Your friends may tell you to exceed the speed limit or turn the radio volume up too high. Driving to please your friends is not a good idea. Do what’s safe for everyone since you are responsible for everyone’s safety.

Take action to show your passengers that you want to maintain safety and focus when driving. If needed, pull over and discuss what you expect from them when riding with you.

Choose Your Friends Carefully

To be a safe driver, you need to know your shortcomings and abilities on the road. Always drive within the speed limit, even when you need to get somewhere fast. If you are an inexperienced driver, pressure from friends can be hard to handle. Choose friends who you trust can offer helpful advice. Driving tips from friends you trust will greatly help on the road. When you are first learning to drive, practice with older friends and family that you trust.

Be careful who you allow inside your car until you feel certain of your abilities. A friend who causes you anxiety or distracts you will make you feel less safe.

Call Home When Necessary

When friends pressure you to do something you are uncomfortable with, you can always ask your parents for help. Your parents should want to help you succeed and support you as you learn to drive.

Create a parent-teen driving contract that includes rules you need to follow. Fill out the contract with your parents. You can tell your friends that if you break the rules, such as going above the speed limit, your parents will take your keys. This can help reduce peer pressure.

If you are uncomfortable driving in certain situations, never hesitate to call friends or family to give you a ride. Some situations you might encounter include bad weather, alcohol use, or drowsiness. If you are driving to a destination for the first time, don’t hesitate to ask for help with directions.

Find a School That Offers Driving Lessons Near You

Whether a new or experienced driver, you must make responsible decisions to keep everyone safe. Doing what is right when others pressure you to do otherwise may be hard, but your safety should be your top priority.

Look for a school that offers driving lessons with the best instructors to help you make sound decisions on the road. The school should have certified and trained instructors who can provide quality education. The best driving institution will use tried and tested methods to help its students become great drivers.

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