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Halloween Squishmallow Haul: Unboxing and Reviewing the Latest Releases

Fans of Squishmallow eagerly await the newest iterations of these adorable plush toys as Halloween approaches. Children and adults alike adore collecting Squishmallows because of their soft, squishy texture and charming designs. The newest Halloween-themed Squishmallow releases will be examined in this article along with an unboxing and review of each.

Unboxing the Halloween Squishmallow Haul

The Witch Squishmallow comes first. With a round body and a pointed hat, this diminutive witch measures 8 inches tall. The witch wears a purple and black striped ensemble, a hat that matches, and a green bowtie. Her cheeks are beautiful pink, and her eyes are stitched in black. We could feel the spongy texture that gives Squishmallows their distinctive appearance as soon as we picked her up. The Witch Squishmallow is a sweet addition to any Halloween collection, all things considered.

The Bat Squishmallow comes next. This 7.5-inch-tall plush toy has a bat-like form, purple wings, and a black body. The bat has a sweet little smile and two white teeth. The Bat Squishmallow is equally as soft and squishy as the Witch Squishmallow. On Halloween night, we can picture children having a great time flinging this tiny bat about.

The pumpkin-flavored Squishmallow is the third one we have. This plush toy is the tallest in our collection of Halloween Squishmallows, standing at 10 inches. The pumpkin has two black eyes, a green stem, and an intense orange color. This Halloween Squishmallows 2023 has a texture that is a little stiffer than the other two, but it is still quite squishy. This pumpkin-shaped marshmallow can be seen being used as a fun Halloween decoration.

The Ghost Squishmallow comes last. With a white body and two black eyes, this tiny ghost is 7.5 inches tall and has a conventional shape. The Ghost Squishmallow has the same soft, squishy texture as the others. Younger children will enjoy the ghost because of its pleasant and welcoming expression rather than its frightening one.

Reviewing the Halloween Squishmallow Haul

The quality and cuteness of each Squishmallow in our Halloween loot wowed us overall. The feel of plush toys is dependably soft and squishy, and each one has a distinct design of its own. These Squishmallows could be enjoyed by both children and adults as a fun addition to their plush animal collection or as part of their Halloween décor.

Positives: Texture is soft and mushy

Sweet and original designs

different size options


limited options for Halloween

Squishmallows Halloween are well-known for their flexibility in addition to their enticing texture and charming designs. Not only are these soft toys wonderful for cuddling, but they may also be used as accessories, traveling companions, or even as photo props for social media. Squishmallows with a Halloween theme are no exception, as they can bring a little festive fun to any space or activity. Overall, the Halloween Squishmallow collection we examined was a wonderful illustration of the charm and excellence for which Squishmallows are renowned, and we eagerly anticipate learning about any other seasonal releases.

Final Thoughts

Toy collectors continue to favor Squishmallows, and the Halloween-themed releases are no different. In our Halloween haul, each Squishmallow featured a distinctive design and was dependably soft and squishy. Even though there were just four Halloween-related alternatives available, we could see how they might be utilized as festive decorations or as a fun addition to a collection of plush animals. Check out the newest Halloween releases if you enjoy Squishmallows or are just looking for a fun and cute Halloween toy.

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