Halal Platform MRHB DeFi Rewards MRHB Token Holders with 5 Million $MRHB Pool after USD5.5M Fundraising

Melbourne, Australia — MRHB DeFi, alleged to be the world’s first inclusive and ethical DeFi ecosystem platform, has completed its successful fundraising with its final public IDO rounds on the DODO and ZeeDO launchpads. They reported a total of US$5.5 million raised from a global community of investors seeking an ethical and halal entry into a range of crypto offerings.

The IDO marked the end of a fundraiser that went from seed, to private and to public pre-IDO rounds. The MRHB token is currently listed on the popular DEX PancakeSwap, a major decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain. This has enabled early backers of the initiative to easily exchange and swap their MRHB tokens for the first time.

MRHB Announces Liquidity Provider Rewards with a Pool of 5 Million $MRHB Tokens

$MRHB token holders may now become Liquidity Providers on PancakeSwap and receive a portion of the pool of 5,000,000 MRHB token rewards over the following three months, according to MRHB DeFi.

PancakeSwap has created the following MRHB/USDT liquidity pool, and $MRHB Rewards will only be applicable to this pool:

There are two ways by which Liquidity Providers can earn rewards:

  1. MRHB DeFi will reward Liquidity Providers if they contribute to the pool at any time throughout the three-month loyalty term. The $MRHB token prize pool will start at 5,000,000 and will be split across LP token holders. The number of tokens issued will fluctuate over time, but the MRHB Reward Dashboard ( will keep track of them. Investors can take their funds out at any moment.
  2. In addition, Liquidity providers will also profit from transaction fees on PancakeSwap by providing liquidity to the pool. The overall trading earnings will be distributed among the LPs in accordance with the funds contributed and the length of time the funds have been placed in the pool.

To reward the most loyal contributors, Liquidity Providers who keep their tokens in the pool for the entire 90 days will be eligible to claim an NFT from the first collection at MRHB DeFi’s Souq NFT marketplace. Souq NFT is the world’s first anti-NSFW NFT marketplace, dedicated to providing an ethical and halal environment for digital art and other NFT materials.

In the following videos, MRHB DeFi provides more extensive information on how to become Liquidity Providers: 

A ‘Hibah’ Gift with Halal Conditions

The LP token incentives are characterized as a conditional gift (‘hibah muallaqah bi al-sharth’) from a third party that is permitted under Islamic Fiqh. MRHB DeFi is regarded as a third party and is delivering the incentives as a gift of thanks to their faithful supporters because there is no (bilateral) exchange contract or transaction between MRHB DeFi and LPs (liquidity providers).

Because the percentage of rewards relies on a variety of circumstances, including the number of providers and the amount of time invested, such LP payouts are not predetermined, albeit they will be announced when the tokens are deposited into the liquidity pool.

To calculate the overall return to the token holder should they remove their funds from the liquidity pool, such benefits must be assessed with the price swings (Impermanent Loss) of the MRHB token.

Stay on top of Scams

Scammers and fraudulent addresses should be avoided by MRHB token holders, who should exercise caution when participating in transactions. Only the official channels listed below provide the most up-to-date and accurate information about $MRHB developments.

The following is the right MRHB DeFi contract address for the $MRHB BEP20 Token:

MRHB DeFi Official Channels

MRHB Reward Dashboard:




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