Hakar Mahmoud Explains How Fitness Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry

Fitness Industry Technology

2020 was an eye-opener for almost every industry you can think of, and the fitness industry is no exception. From starting home gyms to communicating with personal trainers via video call, the entire fitness industry seems to be in a frenzy as it copes up with the new normal.

Almost a year down the line, fitness technology seems to emerge as the winner because it has transformed the fitness industry and kept fitness enthusiasts in shape despite the prolonged lockdown. But how did technology change the fitness industry? Hakar Mahmoud, the Swedish fitness influencer, breaks down the changes step by step.

Live streaming and on-demand fitness platforms

Social distancing is the new normal. But that isn’t stopping fitness trainers from helping their clients get in shape. Hakar, for one, uses live streaming from his social media pages to tell clients about how they should work out. He started this new training method right after most countries imposed the lockdown. Now, hundreds of personal trainers are following his lead.

According to Hakar, no matter what happens, you shouldn’t stop communicating with your clients. It builds your reputation because clients understand that you want to help them irrespective of the challenges you face. 

Besides, to live to stream, Hakar thinks that on-demand fitness platforms are also changing the fitness industry’s face. Developing an app or a website is child’s play these days. Once you set up your platform, you can ask your clients to visit the website or use the app to get customized fitness programs instead of meeting in person.  

Generating leads online

For Hakar Mahmoud, his skills in digital marketing played a significant role in generating leads online. Standard strategies like newspaper advertising, banners, and letterbox drops have taken a backseat. Social media marketing, subscribing to newsletters, and hitting the bell icon on YouTube helps fitness trainers gain more clients. 

When Hakar Mahmoud first came into the industry, he used social media marketing to promote fitness programs. From before-after photos to posting reviews of clients, he didn’t leave any stone unturned to convey his message to his target audience. Today, he is not just a fitness instructor of celebrities but also a fitness influencer of thousands of followers.

Adapting to fit-tech

Hakar Mahmoud thinks that people are doing an incredible job of adapting to fitness technology. Wearable technology was already present for the last few years but shifting to live streams and turning to virtual reality to maintain their fitness is remarkable. 

Even five years ago, you couldn’t imagine simulating the experience of personal training sessions with your trainer using headphones. But virtual reality breaks the stereotypes and shows new paths to the fitness industry that help clients stay in shape.

There is no doubt that technology is improving the fitness industry by leaps and bounds. Hakar Mahmoud believes that this trend will continue in the years to come, and the participation of clients will make the technologies more successful, making it easier to work out and stay in shape even at home.

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