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It is no secret that small business owners are busy x 3 – no matter what time of day you need to get in touch with them. If that sounds like you, and you are looking for intelligent ways to reduce your stress levels, then here are some actionable tips for you. 

Stress is pretty natural; if you never felt any stress – you might be a modern marvel. Worrying about unpaid invoices, the cash flow, upcoming product launches if it is time to expand your team, and paying your taxes are all very common things. 

And they all have something in common – they can be stressful. 

So it is time to tackle your stress levels head-on. 


It can be all too easy to let things slide when things get on top of us. Unfortunately, when we stop paying attention to the details, we are more likely to get worried and stressed out. 

We know that well-organized businesses are productive and have a set of easy processes and procedures for everyone to work with.

Being organized can help us put all of our tasks – and, therefore, our lives in order. We know where we need to be when we need to be there, which should be done first, and so much more. 

Make sure that you have a list of what you need to do every day. The key to a good list is only to have a small selection of what you need to do on it. Don’t overload yourself!


What does wellness look like for you? For some people, it is having a warm tea and relaxing at the end of the day, and for others, it has the time and energy to work out every day. 

Wellness covers the following things: 

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mindfulness
  • Social connections

What does your wellness balance look like, and how can you make small changes to give you the wellness you need. 


From time to time, things will stack up, and it will feel like there are too many things – and that you can’t cope. But it can be a quick slip between the occasional glass of wine and then needing to look at luxury rehabs.

There is no shame in knowing that you have a problem and want to tackle it. What is important is that you don’t avoid the issues that have caused you to feel like this. 

Talking to a therapist, your friends and family, and even co-workers can make a huge difference. 

So if you are avoiding some subjects or situations, it is time to face it. 


Meditation and mindfulness are two of the most powerful tools to combat stress and stressful situations. Even as little as 25 minutes can have a massive impact on how you feel. 

Both meditation and mindfulness are skills, though, and you’ll need to make an effort to have them in your life. 

Look for areas in your day where you can comfortably fit in 25-30 minutes of quiet and calm. Many people prefer to have it first thing in the morning – as it sets them up for a good day. 

If you haven’t meditated or practiced mindfulness before, don’t rush to hit the 25 minutes. Instead, take it slow. Start with about 3 minutes and go from there. You might be surprised just how much mental clarity it can bring. 

Some great apps can offer guided meditation covering specific topics like work stress, anxiety, and decision making. 


Self-care can look like a hot bubble bath and a hot chocolate; it can look like 55 minutes sweating it out at the gym – and it can also look like doing your taxes. Whatever makes you feel suitable needs to have space in your day. 

If your calendar is filled to the point you have no space for the things you love, then your work-life balance is off. 

Making more intelligent decisions about spending your time and what is not worth your time is essential. 

Learn to prioritize in a more effective way for yourself, and one of the side effects you will notice of self-care is the ability to be more productive in a shorter amount of time. 


Sometimes we need to be face to face with a mentor so that we can truly see what we are doing isn’t working. Look for a mentor that has experience with smaller clients and those in the same industry, and you might be surprised just how quickly your significant issues are put into perspective. 

If your main reason for tackling your stress is to see an increase in your output, then read this: 7 Ways to Improve Work Performance in Your Company – TechBullion

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