Habytat by Smarterverse is Making Metaverse Fun and Accessible; Interview with President of Habytat, Gianfranco Lopane.

Interview with President of Habytat, Gianfranco Lopane.

Gianfranco Lopane serves as President of Smarterverse Inc., the Metaverse subsidiary of DatChat, Inc (Nasdaq: DATS). Before the Smarterverse, Mr. Lopane was  Head of Business Development and in charge of the team responsible for revenue growth enablement within DatChat’s Social Network+, Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain initiatives. In his 20 years of experience, he has worked with startups as well as Fortune-500 companies like Nestle, Hertz, and XPO Logistics in different senior-level positions. In 2017, he started his career in the blockchain space. He co-founded an advertising network company for the metaverse, and by 2018 he founded Generiqo. This company is helping dozens of companies migrate to the blockchain space. In 2014 Gianfranco obtained his Master’s degree in Commerce and Marketing (MCom) from EUDE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

What is Habytat, and what unique services are you offering?

The Habytat is an open-world virtual reality and mobile metaverse we are launching this November.  Unlike the other metaverses that sell their virtual property for thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, the land houses of the Habytat will be completely free.  Based on our proprietary Dynamic Content NFT technology, citizens of the metaverse will receive land that grows and evolves with them at no cost.  Our goal is to democratize land ownership by not excluding individuals based on their ability to buy land. Instead, citizens of the Habytat will receive their land and houses by participating. We believe that the metaverse that succeeds will be the one with the most users, and granting the land and houses will help us accomplish that.

Upon entering the habytat, each player is assigned a land and a house whose areas can be unlocked, grown, and customized into their dream home by their participation. This house and property will be the first of many digital assets of our citizens, who can turn their unique customized homes into NFTs that can be exchanged, sold, traded, or anything you want to do with your property. In addition, their property and home will be helpful personal and business centers they own and control. 

Habytat aims to make the metaverse simple, fun, and accessible for all. What were the prevalent problems with metaverse that you wish to improve on?

 The three most significant problems with the metaverse as it exists are: 

  1. First, the cost makes it prohibitive for the average person to own a piece of what will probably be the most transformative technology of our lifetimes.  The Habytat makes metaverse land and homes obtainable for almost anyone.
  2. The metaverse is complicated. You need an understanding of NFT wallets and VR headsets; it looks like a cartoon. On the other hand, the Habytat is easy to use with no special skills.
  3. Do you really want Mark Zuckerberg to own the metaverse?  While big companies want to own the whole thing, we believe that the metaverse needs to be owned by and reward those that make it possible….true democratization of ownership is made possible by the Habytat technology.

Our goal is to lower the barrier to entry into the metaverse. We are giving free land and houses, a friendly, easy-to-navigate experience that will allow people to access through their mobile phones, desktop computers, or VR headsets. 

Habytat will be launching Geniuz City this November. What is Geniuz City?

 Geniuz City will be the genesis city of Habytat, an epicenter of social and economic activity.  Based on the layout of the modern city of Miami, it will comprise 500,000 citizen property owners. As a result, property owners will not only own a piece of the world they help create but also participate in the value and revenue they help generate.

 The citizens of Geniuz City will have access to a unique social and business environment. New ways to socialize, meet and connect will be essential to the technology being developed.

 Pre-Registration for land grants in Geniuz City is currently open on

Could you give us a walkthrough of the Habytat App for iOS or Android, how does it work? 

 In the soon-to-be-released Mobile  Beta, users can choose their avatars and the model of their house in the Habytat. Then, you will appear on your property, where you can work on it inside or outside, doing different activities to collect points and get your house to the next level. 

The activities will vary daily, so we make it in a way where you have a reason to go back to the app to take care of your property to grow it. 

Tell us more about the NFT house and property on Habytat. What are the values and benefits for owners?

 We are homesteading the metaverse by providing you with a free property that you will have to grow to a certain level so your house converts it into an NFT that will be like your property deed, which you can sell, trade, or what you please. 

What is the current landscape of the NFT and metaverse markets, and where do you see the future of this industry?

 Most people don’t understand what metaverse is. It is like bitcoin around 2009-2011. People didn’t understand it, but it didn’t mean it was unimportant. The same people regret not taking that opportunity back in those days, and the same thing will happen with the metaverse. 

The metaverse opens up a universe of opportunities in education, health, wellness, media, social networks, entertainment, manufacturing, remote support, and new businesses, some of which have yet to be defined. Moreover, it adds a layer of human interaction and information exchange to improve the degree of perception and retention of information. 

Metaverse is the future of the internet. The sooner you get to it, the better it will be for you.  

Chase and Citi say the metaverse economy could be worth $13 trillion by 2030. -Citi

In this mission to improve the better experience in the metaverse, do you have any available opportunities for investors and partnerships?   

Since we are a subsidiary of a well-funded publicly traded company (Nasdaq: DATS), we are currently not looking for investors. However, we are in the process of creating new and exciting partnerships that will offer value-enhancing services for the citizens of the Habytat. 

What are you currently working on, and what is next on your roadmap? Do you have more information for our readers today?

 Two of the most exciting technologies we are working on is creating our metaverse, a 3D social graph that will allow users to interact in new and exciting ways.  Additionally, Artificial Technology will be beneficial in our everyday lives.

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