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H3RO3S, The World’s First Real-Life Play-to-Earn Game, Announces the H3RO3S Token

The H3RO3S Token is the backbone of the platform’s revolutionary take on the Gig Economy, allowing participants to earn as much as $1,500 per month

Switzerland, November 27, 2021 – H3RO3S AG, the world’s first real-life play-to-earn game, is pleased to announce the launch of the H3RO3S token, the next step in its effort to launch a blockchain-based platform that rewards players for completing real-life tasks for others. The token price reached an all-time high of over 200 times the presale price near the time of launch.

In a recent interview by Jane King at NASDAQ’s headquarter in NY, Gregory Crous founder of H3RO3S, opened up about his upbringing in different parts of the world, which influenced his decision to found H3RO3S and, more importantly, helped him understand how people think and why they do what they do.

Coming to the conclusion that being exposed to diversified experiences has helped people be the best version of themselves, he was determined to find a way to share his vision with the world, so the idea for H3RO3S was born. 

What sets H3RO3S apart from the rest of the games is that it mixes the Metaverse with reality, Since the beginning of Covid-19, the student experience has severely suffered from the inability to engage in social contact, so H3RO3S offered an environment to play, complete tasks and get rewarded in the real world. 

The H3RO3S token serves as payment for completing any one of over 100 tasks across nearly four dozen specialties. When users register for H3RO3S, they complete a profile to calculate their GAL, what they’re Good at, what they’ve Achieved, and what they’d like their Legacy to be.

From here, the system starts to match them with jobs that match their GAL, allowing them to become a better version of themselves while at the same time earning money for their work and helping somebody else in need.

“The world is full of opportunities,” said Gregory Crous, CEO, “it’s a shame that people do not have the means to fully enjoy them. H3RO3S is changing that.”

H3RO3S participants start in the Alpha stage with simple tasks, which pay at least $3. However, as they complete more tasks, the reward grows. Players in the highest stage, “Prestige,” earn as much as $1,500+ per month.

Users will also have the ability to tokenize their profile into an NFT. They can then upgrade their profile’s capabilities, such as refresh rate for tasks, added visibility to employers, and other bonuses. Over time, the NFT that represents their profile will become more valuable because of the benefits it has accumulated. That NFT can then be sold to someone new to the platform who wants to have a head start on the competition. 

What makes the H3RO3S platform so unique is it essentially decentralizes “gig work.” Companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and other gig companies take a seemingly random amount from each job in “fees” and leave workers with little say in the work they do.

H3RO3S doesn’t have those high fees and gives the worker the ultimate decision on what work they’d like to do. In essence, it flips the entire concept of gig work on its head.

Introducing such a revolutionary platform requires real-world testing, which the H3RO3S team plans to start in the United Kingdom early next year. The H3RO3S Marketing System will launch first in London-area universities and across the rest of the UK by the end of the year. 

The H3RO3S token was created in a one-time event creating one billion tokens. An initial seed round raised $1.6 million in funding in a mere 8 days. This public round made 20 million H3RO3S tokens available for $0.01, and the price reached over $0.1 on the first day. The presale price was $0.0045, making the ATH around 200 times the starting price. 

For more information on the H3RO3S platform, please see their white paper.

About H3RO3S

H3RO3S aims to shake up the Gig Economy through innovative use of the Play-to-Earn crypto game model. Players earn money completing more than 100 simple real-world tasks for others on their terms. H3RO3S’ blockchain-based platform matches players with jobs matching their custom GAL, what they’re Good at, what they’ve Achieved, and what they’d like their Legacy to be. The first H3RO3S Marketing Systems go live at select London-area universities in early 2022.

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