Guzzler is Creating an Expansive Car-Based NFT Metaverse


As the blockchain space progresses, the technology finds new use cases that help bring in a larger crowd. The most popular use case for blockchain technology at the moment is NFTs. 

NFTs have grown to astronomical size, with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, surpassing over $4 billion in trading volume within a single month. These sizable numbers are even more impressive considering the poor performance of digital assets over the past few weeks

Just about every industry is now trying to create an NFT collection, with the video game space being one of the most prominent and significant participants. 

Guzzler or GZLR is a blockchain, NFT racing game trying something unique in the space. Their NFT game has users create their own custom car, with each part of the car being its own separate NFT. 

Not only is Guzzler creating NFT games with their operable and customizable NFTs, but they are also creating a car-based NFT metaverse. They will continue to expand this metaverse which will be built on the foundation of their scalable token, $GZLR. The $GZLR token is also the basis for an MVP game that takes the form of a drag racing, circuit racing and drifting. 

YashaDAO, a community-developed project, recently launched Guzzler after raising over $300,000 to launch the $GZLR token.

Guzzler’s Car-Based NFT Metaverse

Guzzler offers a large selection of customizable and operable car and car part NFTs that can be used with their racing game and to traverse their ever-expanding metaverse.

As the Guzzler metaverse grows, it will create numerous open-worlds which will begin to interconnect, making a vast ecosystem to play in. 

Rather than focus solely on the NFTs, the company wants to focus more on building these big open-worlds that players can inhabit and explore. These lofty ambitions have started with a scalable token and an MVP racing game. 

Users can mint a car of their choice from the Guzzler website, which can be customized using NFTs that can be purchased or won. With the vast selection of car parts, users can create a unique, operable car within the game. These cars can then race against other users, making an exciting, fun, and distinctive way to bring a brand new user base to the NFT space. 

The $GZLR Token

The $GZLR token began as a custom ERC20 contract creation that focused on being a secure,

scaleable token that cannot increase tax with marketing tax received in Ethereum to prevent sale pressure. The token is now the basis for Guzzler’s metaverse and NFT games.

On top of building the Guzzler Play-to-Earn NFT game, the $GZLR token will also allow users to stake and earn rewards in the form of exclusive NFTs that will only be available to token holders for a brief amount of time. These exclusive NFTs will also be available to users that complete the game’s single-player mode. 

A $GZLR token currently holds a price of $0.00007088, with a market cap of $7,096,928.24.

The Guzzler Game

The Guzzler game allows users to create their own cars using a vast selection of NFTs. Each part of the car is an NFT, meaning cars, wheels, body kits, and performance parts are all unique NFTs. Parts can also be bought and sold so you can create your dream car to use within the game. 

As you install new parts, you remint your NFT to create a car that is likely not to be replicated, thanks to the large selection of parts and the ability for customization. 

The game provides both single-player and multiplayer modes, so you can enjoy the game and win rewards with friends and or on your own. Users can stake tokens to earn performance part NFTs or stake lots of tokens and open up a garage to sell what they’ve earned.

As the metaverse progresses, users will be able to go to other open-worlds, connect their wallets, and drive around in the custom vehicle built for the metaverse.

Guzzler recently launched their BETA version of the game, which everyone can access for some racing fun.

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