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Gunnar Lovelace Introduces UNFK To Gamify Social Action

At Consensus 2024, Gunnar Lovelace’s UNFK will spend $25,000 on Jamie Dimon impersonators in order to promote an anti-corporate app.

TakeAway Points:

  • Gunnar Lovelace, co-founder of thrive Market, creates UNFK to use pranks and performance art to gamify social action against big companies.
  • With plans to deliver 50,000 dildos to JPMorgan HQ, UNFK’s app will include a feature called the “Dong Game,” which would reward users for hurling dildos at corporate lawyers.
  • The movement uses comedy and absurdity to encourage widespread acts of civil disobedience, and it leverages the bitcoin community for greater effect.

UNFK’s Vibrant Promotional Act

Attendees at the next Consensus 2024 conference in Austin, Texas, may see an odd sight: several impersonators of Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Bank, partaking in odd behaviour. The man of Thrive Markets, Gunnar Lovelace, is the creator of this spectacular. He organised this grandiose show to support United for Kindness (UNFK), his most recent endeavour. Lovelace estimates that the stunts, which include dominatrix-parading Dimon lookalikes and them wrestling anthropomorphized meme coins, cost her $25,000. Lovelace, who goes by Agent Lovelace, wants to capitalise on the anti-establishment attitude that is common in the bitcoin community.

“There’s a very particular flavor of anti-establishment ‘F you’ degeneracy in the cryptocurrency community that is a hotbed for what we’re trying to do,” Lovelace said.

UNFK’s Purpose and App Release

According to the report, UNFK is a covert organisation whose goal is to embarrass the biggest dishonest companies in the world. Lovelace wants to encourage millions of people to use humour and practical jokes to put pressure on big-name corporations that profit from deception and harm. The project is about to release an app that has been in development for almost a year and will act as the focal point for these social experiments. In the “Dong Game” section of the app, users will be able to toss dildos at corporate lawyers outside of large banks in order to collect points that may be exchanged for tokens. For every 50,000 dildos thrown in the game, Lovelace has pledged to bring a garbage truck full of dildos to JPMorgan’s corporate office.

“We’re stronger and better by embracing the cryptocurrency community and inviting them in to be the first members of a mass market movement that gamifies engagement,” Lovelace said.

Lovelace’s History and Goals

Gunnar Lovelace’s path from a thriving hippie commune to business success is just as unique as his most recent endeavour. Lovelace was raised in impoverished, terrible conditions by political activist parents who escaped dictatorships in Argentina and Spain. The first time he took ayahuasca, when he was seventeen, was a turning point. In 1999, during the dot-com boom, Lovelace left the University of California, Santa Cruz to launch his first business. In 2013, he co-founded Thrive Market, which has grown to be one of the top online retailers of organic foods. Good Money, Lovelace’s former company, attempted to provide a conscious banking solution but ultimately failed as a result of a number of issues, including Lovelace’s own management style and a co-founder who committed larceny. Thinking back on the encounter, Lovelace wrote, “The lack of clear thinking and strategy created downstream negative effects that the organization had to spend time trying to fix later on.”

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