Guide To Investing in Theta Blockchain Network

Theta Blockchain

Blockchain technology, while it didn’t gain global adoption when it first started, is now making huge headways. It revolutionized the financial industry by introducing cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. 

Its impressive feedback extended its span to numerous industries and applications, including video delivery networks via the Theta blockchain. For this reason, learning how to buy Theta in the US can be significantly beneficial.

Video consumption is becoming all the rage. Sandvine’s 2023 Global Internet Phenomena Report shows that videos account for 65 percent of internet volume

With the growing consumption of videos and other applications, there’s an expectation for significant bandwidth demands. Another factor to consider is increasing broadband speed. Cisco projected broadband speed to grow more than twice to satisfy consumer needs. This growth leads to more requirements for bandwidth. This is where Theta blockchain comes in. 

Theta blockchain provides a platform that addresses the streaming industry’s technical and economic challenges. The purpose-built decentralized platform allows users to share their excess bandwidth and resources. In exchange, they get a token reward. 

Benefits of Investing in the Theta Network

As a decentralized platform, Theta has several advantages over traditional video streaming platforms. Here are some of them.


Theta is notable for supporting the development of vertical decentralized apps (Dapp). It’s an open-source scheme, giving users access to a myriad of media sources. This setup allows them to access movies, music, and other video content via peer-to-peer streaming

Sharing of bandwidth

One of the major buy-ins for Theta is bandwidth sharing. It provides an equitable solution to address the growing need for higher bandwidth. Users with excess can share and gain rewards by doing so. Without a third-party platform, users can have faster and easier transactions.

The popularity of decentralized technology led to thousands of blockchain or crypto projects. However, not all of these have a purpose or address a demand. With increasing reliance on higher bandwidth and a rise in video consumption, investors can expect a return on investment (ROI).

Supports smart contracts

The Theta platform supports smart contracts. With it, users have a safe and transparent environment to make transactions without the risk of fraud or manipulation. 

These smart contracts are similar to traditional ones in a digital and automated format within a blockchain. When users execute a smart contract, the transaction goes to a public ledger. 

Address Streaming Demands

When investing in any type of decentralized technology, it’s essential to consider several factors, including price, location, protocol, and availability. Theta network is among the most difficult to obtain. You may work with a broker for this. Brokerage firms often get the first information on the network’s availability. 

Investing in Theta blockchain can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and enjoy good returns. As a US investor, you can start investing in Theta by buying tokens on exchanges. You can also set up a cryptocurrency wallet and run a Guardian Node. 

Video streaming is here to stay. As these predictions show, investing in a platform that supports efficient bandwidth sharing will make positive returns.


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