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Running an Airbnb business involves many daily tasks. Essential offline duties include cleaning the premises, meeting guests, purchasing consumables, maintaining equipment, repairing, etc. These tasks can be performed independently or delegated to invited specialists: cleaning agencies, administrators, logisticians, and photographers.

But there are many tasks online as well because the Airbnb rating of the Host directly depends on effective management. Quick response to customer messages, writing reviews, and updating prices are necessary conditions for the successful development of your business.

Special software is often used to automate most processes to perform Airbnb management tasks. These services are offered by various platforms – for example, Hosty. This is a good solution that can bring you an increase in income.

Benefits of using Airbnb Management Software

Using software to automate Airbnb management provides the Host with many advantages:

  • Saving time. If your apartment is regularly booked, it will take a long to confirm the booking, contact each guest, leave a review, adjust prices, etc. The software will do this automatically, taking your time for other essential things.
  • Exclusion of the human factor. Even the most experienced and attentive specialist can miss something from attention. But Airbnb does not forgive such mistakes: even a few unanswered reviews can lower the rating of an account. The software is free from such shortcomings.
  • Efficient management of multiple properties even by a small team of specialists. If you have one property for rent, you can manage it yourself without involving third-party experts. Which also cuts down on some of your monthly expenses.

Also, automation features will allow you to communicate more effectively within your team. For example, you can set up automatic reminders for regular tasks.

The Most Important Features of Airbnb Management Software

So you’ve decided to use Airbnb automation software. What features will you need first? The base ones will be:

  • AutoReply. Responding to customer messages is one of the main tasks of Airbnb hosts. This has a significant impact on host rating. So automatic answers to common user questions are a must-have for an entrepreneur.
  • AutoReviews. The guest experience of your hotel is another pillar on which the success of a property owner rests. But only the feedback from customers to which the owner answered is counted. An automated response to a review will be sent to your customers after they check out. Customization allows you to make the review very natural, similar to the one written personally by the owner.
  • AutoPrice. Short-term real estate rental involves a flexible price change depending on the season, weekends, and other factors. Therefore, it is much more convenient to update your price list not manually but automatically. Thus, you will be able to adapt your pricing policy for “hot dates” and periods with low occupancy.
  • Autodesk. With this feature, it will be easier for you to communicate with the team, remind them of regular tasks and monitor their implementation. This will not only help eliminate inattention and missed tasks but will also help improve communication between team members.
  • AutoPublish. If you plan to post listings in the future, you can plan ahead. Your ad will be published automatically on the appointed day, and you will not have to be distracted by this task on a specific day.

These basic features will help property owners manage their businesses more efficiently. There are certain features of use depending on the format of your property: hotel, Bed & Breakfast, room in an apartment, etc.

How to choose Airbnb software

Before ordering Airbnb Management Software, you should answer the following questions:

  • Which feature and tools set will benefit my business? There are many nuances to a vacation rental business. Does your profit depend on the season? How many people are on your team? What is the level of competition in your location? This will help determine the basic set of automatic functions.
  • What details are included in each service offered? For example, how organically reviews automatically look and what is the level of personalization of messages. Ideally, testing a demo version of the services should be possible. This will allow you to find and study all the nuances and pitfalls.
  • What do other users say about this software? Study the reviews of other clients of the platform and conclude about the quality of its services.
  • How well is the support team doing? Even the most reliable services sometimes have problems and unforeseen circumstances. But well-established support work will help you minimize problems and quickly solve the problem in a force majeure situation.
  • Does the service have a mobile app? It is essential to stay in touch and control all Airbnb processes, so having a properly working application is very important.
  • How much does it cost? Calculation of expenses and income is necessary for every business. However, as a rule, the software does not cost too much.

The main goal of automation services is to make it easier for Airbnb Hosts and management agencies in the short-term rental industry to manage properties. By choosing all the necessary functions, you can significantly simplify the performance of many daily tasks.

Airbnb software sites and platforms offer a wide range of features: AutoReplies, MultiCalendar, AutoReviews, etc. Thus, you can effectively manage even a large number of properties and Airbnb accounts, earn a high income and quickly grow your business. This software will also be helpful for Airbnb management agencies, as separate functions will help interaction and communication within the team.

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