Guide on Farmate knapsack sprayer

From time to time, Farmers have the task of ensuring their crops and animals are protected from pests and any other thing that can pose a danger to them. Therefore, they must look for a knapsack to do all the work effectively.

Farmate knapsack sprayer is a lever-operated, general purpose suitable for a wide range of farming and horticultural activities and can guarantee all solutions to those in need.

Key Features of farmate knapsack sprayer

  • It has wide carry straps for comfort and a colorful design
  • Capacity of 20ltrs
  • It is made of polyethylene (PE)
  • Sprayer with two nozzles to suit different spray surfaces
  • It has an inner lining filter that opens and sorts out solid items and other things that may cause blockage
  • Adjustable nozzle to produce a range of outputs
  • It has a maximum of 65psi and requires only five pumps to make 45psi
  • It has a net weight of 3.5 kg
  • Most of the packages come in different dimensions.

Ideal places to use the knapsack sprayer

  • Depending on the pest to treat, it may be used indoors and into cracks and crevices.
  • Outdoor spraying of pesticides and insecticides
  • In farms for spot treatments of weed 

How to use 

To some people, using a farmate knapsack sprayer may be easy, but it may be a climb on the mountain for new users. Below is a simplified method of using it; 

Step 1. Read the instructions carefully

Please read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand everything or capture something new before using it.

Step 2.Test to make sure it is working

Before spraying the insecticides or herbicides, it is crucial to test with water only to ensure the Knapsack is working correctly and there are no leakages.

Step 3. Choose the correct nozzles

The nozzle is the part that dispenses the liquid from the container. Since it comes in different sizes, you must select the one that suits your needs.

Step 4. Fill up the Knapsack with herbicide or pesticide 

Step 5. Wash the Knapsack after using

Precautions when using the sprayer

Using the knapsack sprayer is not unsafe, but the contents in it are what may be hazardous. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that one has protective equipment on at all times when using it to spray indoors or outdoors.

Advantages of the sprayer

  1. The design is very human hence little to no accidents.
  2. It has a large volume chamber which increases efficiency and pressure while using it.
  3. It is reinforced with a PVC spray hose, increasing its longevity and durability.
  4. The carrying straps are comfortable, enabling users to use them for a long time without getting tired.
  5. It has an on-and-off trigger valve with locks which help in continuous spraying.
  6. The quality of material used to make it is durable 
  7. It is multipurpose and can be used to spray herbicides and also pesticides
  8. It provides deep penetration 


Using a knapsack sprayer can help in many ways. It is safer and cheaper when considering ways and equipment when trying fumigation or other outdoor activities.

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