Guarda Wallet Crypto Referral Program is Now Live!

Guarda is a multifunctional open-source cryptocurrency wallet that supports most of the cryptocurrencies on the market.  It is essentially a universal wallet that allows you to store various cryptocurrencies in one place. Guarda platform can store the most prominent cryptocurrencies, as well as thousands of tokens and a large number of stable cryptocurrencies. In addition, the wallet also allows you to easily buy and exchange cryptocurrency on its platform, which means it can serve as a single source for all your cryptocurrency needs.

What are the most useful Guarda features? 

  • Allows any ERC20 token to be stored; (10k+ tokens)
  • Mobile app support
  • Support for the web interface 
  • Desktop support 
  • Private Keys are stored on the user’s device 
  • Web3 Support 
  • Wallet Connect support
  • 50+ coins are available on Guarda.
  • Your own token generator.

What competitive advantages does Guarda have? 

  • This wallet is multiplatform, that is, it has versions or applications to work on any device with Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.
  • AES encryption for all transactions.
  • Face recognition for logging into the platform.
  • The wallet can be synchronized with Ledger devices.

What is Guarda Referral Program? 

The Guarda ecosystem is finally excited to introduce a referral system to its customers that will allow users to earn from the user drive and actively interact with the internal GRD token. 

How to start working with Guarda Referral Program? 

In order to start interacting with the Guarda referral program, all you have to do is follow three simple steps. We’ve broken them down into steps so you don’t lose sight of anything. 

  • Setup your Guarda Wallet to work with our referral programs 

Step 1: First, you need to have your own Guarda Wallet. To do this, you need to go to the main page and click on the “Launch app” button

Step 2: Then, you need to click on the button “Create a new wallet”. 

Step 3: Set your own password. Be sure to write it down or memorize it, and don’t give it to anyone else. Guarda is a non-custodial wallet, we do not have access to your private keys, so you are fully responsible for the safety of your funds.

Step 4: Congratulations! At this point, you are already a full member of the Guarda community. It’s just a matter of time before you can start working with Guarda Referral Program. 

Step 5: Open your settings tab and and select a wallet for rewards

Step 6: Generate your own referral link! 

Guarda Referral Program is Live! Join Now & Earn Rewards

  • Start inviting your friends to take advantage of all the key benefits of Guarda Wallet

As soon as your friends or acquaintances start using the Guarda ecosystem, by signing up for it with your link, you will be able to open up a huge number of opportunities for them and let them become part of the Guarda Community right away. You will be one of the first people to have a GRD token. 

  • Start earning GRD tokens

Become one of the first and proud owners of Guarda’s unique, ecosystem-integrated token. Starting with exchanges, earn GRD tokens when your friend or referral makes a swap, purchase, etc. 

What will you be able to do with Guarda native tokens? 

One key to all doors – our native token, uniting Guarda’s service ecosystem. Join us on our journey to a new financial reality. Learn how to get a Guarda token, use it and unlock the unique features we are preparing exclusively for our users. 

  • Easy integration with the EOS ecosystem

Managing your EOS accounts becomes easier with a GRD token. Create an account with a discount and stake resources even if you don’t have enough EOS.

  • Additional check on illegal activity 

Accept only trusted transactions and check addresses for illegal activity. An additional package of checks is available for purchase with the GRD token.

  • Human-Readable Addresses 

Link your addresses to a human-readable domain and make your life easier. That’s about our collaboration with Unstoppable Domains.

Guarda Referral Program FAQ 

  • How much can you earn with Guarda Referral Program? 

You will get 0.5% of your referral’s exchange amount. Maximum is equivalent to 5$ in GRD tokens per exchange.

  • How often will I receive rewards?

You will receive rewards monthly.

  • What happens if I lose access to my rewards wallet?

Guarda is a non-custodial wallet. We don’t have access to your wallet and can’t restore your wallet or change your rewards address. You need to create a new wallet and get a new link.

What are the Guarda Referral Program Benefits? 

  • You have the right to receive a GRD token for the rewardable operations of your Referral in Guarda. A certain percentage of their operations in Guarda will be paid to you as a reward.
  • Guarda keeps expanding its features stack above and beyond. Use cases for our token will only continue to evolve, including new ways to claim it.
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