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GTA 5 Mobile – an almost “original” successor to GTA V that surprised gamers

Designed as a fangame, GTA 5 mobile still creates attraction and intimacy for those who experience it.

GTA 5 mobile download for Android is a fangame in the form of an APK file, developed by News Games Corporation. That means this is a self-developed version of GTA V gamers (fans), not the official version produced by the game company.

The game is inspired by the famous action role-playing game, borrowing some of the resources of Grand Theft Auto V. However, the world in this mobile game contains what is close and familiar. The most that anyone who has ever played GTA V feels.

GTA 5 mobile is in beta. The scenario and gameplay are very limited. Players also do not expect this version to have any kind of missions or voiceovers similar to PC and Console games.

The production team that tried to port part of the GTA 5 map to Android really wanted to do something very close to the original game. However, the result is a game that is quite heavy and picky even with some flagship smartphones. As a result, people have been commenting under the tweet, and are not happy about the fact that console users are not able to download the classic Grand Theft Auto trilogy titles. One user seemed unimpressed that players who bought the Definitive Edition for the PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, at full price, will not be treated to the older games. Others have asked whether consoles will also get the same treatment as PC users, but at the time of writing, it doesn’t seem that the classics will be coming to any system other than PC.

In the game, you can play with Michael De Santa and drive in the city. The current version of the game is 0.2 and there are several NPCs on the street, which can communicate and “flash” with them.

Often self-developed versions like this will hardly make it to the app stores. Even on sites like APK Pure, these GTA fangames are still banned. A good example is GTA V Mobile from 2017 which was quickly removed from CHPlay. It would make sense for Rockstar to make them available once again for consoles, or even just for PC users who wish to download the games via Steam or another platform. The Grand Theft Auto games were removed from sale just before the remastered trilogy arrived, which caused some upset from the community, especially after the abysmal reception the Definitive Edition received upon release. This meant that players could only play the remaster with no option to return to the classics, at that point, unless they already had them.

Features of the game Grand Theft Auto 5

  • gorgeous, very realistic, and well-drawn graphics;
  • virtual reality, the study of which will take a long time;
  • many missions, including travel, theft, robbery, and elimination;
  • free mode allows you to make unique modifications to the game;
  • participation in the internal system of achievements.

You can download the game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) for android using the active link on the page of our website



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