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Growing Focus on Reducing Manufacturing Costs Favors Growth of Mobile Robotics Market

Automated machines that can move around when programmed without having to move them around in real time are known as mobile robots. They can move around without having to follow a fixed path as the conventional robots. These robots find a diverse range of applications in a host of different industries. Products in global mobile robotics market use different sensors, cameras, mechanical gears, and software tools to function in various different environments without requiring human intervention. Growing concern regarding workplace efficiency and focus on reducing cost yet increasing the production capacity are key factors boosting the global mobile robotics market in coming years.

Products in global mobile robotics market, mobile robots, can move around various factories without needing to make changes in factory floor layout. This saves time and money it required to place traditional robots in pre-existing factories. These robots can automatically re-plan their routes if faced with an obstacle and move and function in a factory with higher efficiency than the traditional robots. This creates lucrative opportunities for players in manufacturing and industrial sectors and motivates the stakeholders in global mobile robotics market.

Demand for Increased Productivity in Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors Boosts Mobile Robotics Market

Some of the key motivators for global mobile robotics market include rapid rise in the labor costs, increasing demand for enhanced productivity in manufacturing and industrial plants, and aging of the workforce. However, high initial investment associated with the procurement and installation of these robots can hamper the growth of global mobile robotics market in coming years by limiting the uptake of these robots, as only large and some medium scale businesses can afford them. Types of products offered by players and manufacturers in global mobile robotics market include unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned surface vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Increasing adoption of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) in defense sector is expected to draw high demand in global mobile robotics market in near future. UGVs can access dangerous and difficult terrains and assist the armed forces in inconvenient situations. Rising utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture, law enforcement, and border surveillance applications is also expected to favor the market in near future. Segments in global mobile robotics market by application include service and industrial.

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Asia Pacific to Dominate the Mobile Robotics Market in Coming Years

Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the global mobile robotics market in coming years owing to the rising investments in logistics and defense sectors and rapid adoption of mobile robots in industrial processes. Another region anticipated to witness a steady rise in global mobile robotics market is North America. Key factors influencing the growth of North America regional market include rising consumer demand for floor cleaning, grass mowing, and vacuuming domestic robots and robots aimed at providing entertainment and leisure activities. Rising adoption of robots in warehouse automation and increasing applications of mobile robots in diverse industry verticals such as medical, agriculture, and defense are anticipated to foster growth in Europe mobile robotics market in coming years.

Players in the Mobile Robotics Market Investing in R&D to Develop New Products

Some of the most prominent players in global mobile robotics market include Barrett Technology, John Deere, KUKA AG, Boeing Co., Google Inc., Lowe’s Co. Inc., Fetch Robotics Inc., Clearpath Robotics Inc., Savioke, Locus Robotics, iRobot Corp., Swisslog, FANUC Corp., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Seegrid Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Amazon, Omron Adept Technologies, Aethon Inc., and Bossa Nova Robotics. Manufacturers and players operating within the global mobile robotics market are constantly focused on investing in research and development activities. They are conducting these researches to develop advanced products that can offer greater flexibility and functionality to their consumers. New generation of mobile robots featuring cutting edge technologies can offer opportunities in various fields including logistics, survelince, medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and more.

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