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Growing a Successful Beauty Brand


If you have a passion for beauty and have started your own brand, you’re well on your way to success. Getting started is the hard part, and growing your business should be enjoyable. That’s not to say there won’t be any growing pains, but seeing the fruits of your labor expand and reach more customers is exactly why you started your business in the first place.

Before moving on to the next planning phase, take time to appreciate what you’ve built as an entrepreneur. You’re not a celebrity (yet) but you’ve made enough waves to start taking steps to grow your business. Considering expansion means that you’ve successfully reached the market and received great feedback and interest. It also means you have the funding to push outward into the world. That’s no small feat! Now that you’ve given yourself the appreciation you deserve, here are a few tips that will help you grow your beauty brand.

Conceptualize a new product.

The first step to growing your beauty brand is venturing into new areas that the beauty industry has to offer. What part of the industry haven’t you explored that would pair well with what you’re already doing? You don’t want it to be a huge shift yet, because you need to stay on-brand. If you’re already known for makeup, the next natural step might be starting your own brand of lashes.

Lashes add drama and intrigue to every makeup look. They’re the pièce de résistance, because they are the final detail that makes everything come together. Some people aren’t born with naturally robust eyelashes, so false lashes are the next best thing.

There are so many ethical considerations when it comes to fake lashes, so make sure you’re really looking into your options before making your final manufacturing decisions. A mink eyelash might be aesthetically pleasing, but there’s a lot of debate about whether even cruelty-free lashes are truly ethical. Not to mention, there’s not a lot of regulation on eyelash glue, which means harmful chemicals can find their way into your product if you’re not diligent. If you’re looking for inspiration as you get into the lash business, consider how beauty brands, like Tarte Cosmetics, run their operations. Choose ethical business practices whenever you can.

Hire a lawyer to represent your company.

If you don’t already have someone representing your brand in the legal world, now is a great time to “lawyer up.” A lawyer will be able to protect your intellectual property and quash any legal disputes that may arise. Every successful business needs a corporate lawyer to protect the business owners’ interests.

Beauty company

If you want your brand to be huge, you’ll need to find someone with years of experience to advise you on legal matters. Look for someone like Malliha Wilson to represent you. Malliha Wilson is a Canadian lawyer who spent eight years serving the people of Ontario as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Ontario Government. She’s well versed about legal matters and understands about making choices that are best for her clients. Malliha Wilson was the first visible minority to hold her office, which means that she’s tough in the face of adversity and won’t shy away from your trailblazing attitude. Find a lawyer that truly believes in what you’re trying to accomplish. She’ll take care of the legal side, so you can continue to innovate.

Get the man (or woman) power you need to run your operation.

Once you have a good idea of where you’d like to take the company, you’re going to need to make new hires to run your expanding empire. You may also need to replace some of your staff if they’re not able to commit to the hours you need to make your business happen. In order to get the best people possible right off the bat, you’ll need to know how to improve your hiring process. If your brand is popular enough, cast your net wide by posting job descriptions on social media in order to generate buzz about your brand growth. Have your assistant go through the list of applicants and narrow down the top ten to see for the interview process.


During interviews to find the best candidate, ask questions not only pertaining to the open role, but also to determine if this person would be a good fit with your company culture. Each recruit should be able to work well with your existing staff and seem excited about onboarding with a developing brand.

Secure your office space.

As your business grows and you begin working with new people, you need to ensure that your office space is protected. Having a security system with facial recognition software will let you know who’s coming and going throughout the day and night. There are pros and cons of using cloud-based security cameras, but ultimately you need some way to keep your brand headquarters safe. If something is ever amiss, you’ll be able to reference the backed-up cloud videos to get to the bottom of the situation. It’s really better safe than sorry.

Using hybrid cloud cameras might be your best option, because there’s less of a risk of a security breach if the Internet goes down. Although cloud cameras allow you to view your office remotely, cameras that solely use the cloud can be tampered with or miss vital moments while the system is down. Do your research and find what works best with your needs and concerns to ensure that you have the peace of mind that comes with a safe business space.

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