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If you are struggling to see the rewards you expect from all of your business efforts, then it may be time to ask for help. If  your law firm is not seeing the success you expect for your business or you want to aggressively grow, a law firm consulting service can help you make dramatic improvements.

 The legal industry is tough, with client and rate pressures as well as occasional ba press that tarnishes the reputation of lawyers nationwide. Law school never taught you how to run a business and yet 95% of the legal industry consists of lawyers in small firms trying to be successful entrepreneurs. Legal Back Office (LBO) created its law firm consulting services because we believe a lawyers highest in best effort is in serving clients through the practice of law. Allowing a business partner you can trust to run your business will result in greater firm success and a more fulfilling personal life for lawyers.

 If you feel like you need more time, more money, and more capable hands to help your law firm grow then hiring a legal consulting services company may be precisely what you need. 

Why Hire a Law Firm Consultant?

 Running a law firm is demanding with high expectations for employees and owners. The legal industry as a whole is known for its stress and pressure.  Hiring a law firm consulting service can help reignite your passion for your business by taking away some of the repetitive, less rewarding, business functions as well as helping you with your strategic vision.  Trusting a business partner to power the business of your law firm will help you achieve better results. 

Legal Back Office’s law firm consulting services provide you with the tools you need to help improve the efficiency of your business. We can provide strategic planning, identify operational opportunities, fully manage your accounting function, implement your marketing campaigns, and  provide you with the one thing you need the most – more time. 

LBO has helped a wide variety of law firms across the nation find more time, which in turn opens up more opportunities to increase profits and overall success. 

Imagine what you could do with an additional 12 hours per week for your business!

Having more time opens up a lot of opportunities for you.  Opportunities that will help you achieve the success you deserve.  

What Are Law Firm Consulting Services?

Consulting services can dramatically improve the outcomes of  your business.

Sometimes, all it takes to find a solution is to see the problem through new eyes, and this is precisely what consulting services provide. With a fresh perspective, your business will be open to new solutions that can afford you more time and greater profit.

A range of services are usually provided by a consulting team, including strategic planning, executive assignments, and process improvement projects. 

Legal Back Office is dedicated to helping law firms reach their maximum potential.

With years of experience in consulting and many happy clients, these consulting services can improve your business and all consulting is offered through fixed fee pricing – helping you cut back on non-billable working hours leading to increased productivity for you and your legal team. 

More Time For What Matters

 Legal Back Office’s consulting services are designed to provide you with more time and more money while cutting back on the stress.

 You have probably been told that in order to see success in this industry, you have to sacrifice everything and spend all your hours at work. However, thanks to these experienced and professional consulting experts, you will realize that this is not always the case.

It is possible to see success while also being able to enjoy a more balanced life.

 If you are tired of running out of time and feeling like you do not have enough hours in the day to get everything done, let a law firm consulting service like Legal Back Office take a look at your schedule.  They will make you forget everything you have been told about the finite amount of time you have, instead opening you up to more opportunities to work on what matters. 

While there is no denying that the law industry can be a lot of work, you should be able to see great results from your efforts. If you aren’t, then it is time to consult with experts that know how to build successful law firms.  They can help you see where your problems lie so you can get down to the solutions faster and also help you maximize opportunities that you just haven’t had to time to get around to.

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