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Grow Your Instagram Following Fast In 2022

Instagram ranks #6 on the top social media platform, which simply means it’s not easy to gain followers. The only formula to grow your Instagram is to “try and try until you succeed.”

Although, if you are also one of those who are willing to get more followers and increase engagement, this article is for you. However, there are multiple ways where you can ‘buy’ followers by paying the price, but that’s isn’t the best idea.

While one much safer option to grow on Instagram is through organic search. Organically gaining followers will not only increase your brand engagement, but also your followers will also start sharing content. We don’t encourage buying or selling fake Instagram likes/followers.

So, if you wish to grow your brand organically, you need to use the following tips on your Instagram.

Look for the perfect tone

If you are using the same old ways to write your captions, it’s time to upgrade! You need to change the type of content and even try a different tone to write captions. 

After trying this trick, check the analytics and see what type of content people are talking about. You can also get inspiration from the brands that you follow. So when you are ready to hit the nail, start publishing more posts like that.

Stick to the brand

Doing too much will eventually disrupt your work, and the same goes for Instagram. Experimenting more and more on your profile will upset the growth of your following.

Consistency is the key to establishing a solid brand. People start expecting from after following you something that they enjoy. That is the reason you should be posting something new and unique every now and then for your followers. 

Always stay active

Do you use Instagram often and like other people’s posts, react to their stories, and even share reels with them? That’s a great way to get started, especially when those posts are followed by the people you target.

However, that’s doesn’t mean you should be too active on social media. Doing so can make you look like a bot to Instagram, and they might ban you! There are a lot of awful people on social media that comment randomly on influencer channels with URLs to their websites. 

In short, keep a frequent but socially acceptable level of contact with your users.

Don’t follow back

You might think following and getting follow back is really luring, but don’t do it. If there are 5,000 followers and they follow 5,500 that usually means that their content is not up to the mark. 

Always remember that building an engaged audience is a slow and steady process.

Be authentic

Instagram is a place where you start to begin to feel fake after some time. You even start asking yourself how that person’s life can be so perfect. The real way to use Instagram is, to be honest, and create posts that people can relate to. 

You can also use Instagram’s stories or reels to showcase your company culture or your unique personality. 

Don’t show off

You have been honored; that’s a piece of great news. You should make a post on it. Just avoid bragging about it. Also, don’t take too much time talking about your product or service. In fact, spend less time doing that and focus on other things. 

People don’t follow you so that you can show off. They follow you to see a side of you or your organization. They want to get inspired by you and your posts.

Publish content on time

It is important to stay updated. Getting knowledge of current events happening around the world will definitely boost interactions with your users. Always keep an eye on the upcoming or trending events and how you can use them in your content.

The goal is to get more views as possible using appropriate hashtags, so capitalizing on current affairs and trends is a must.

Make interactions with influencers

Start following top influencers in your niche. Keep track of what they are posting, and do check out comments to see what people are saying and start interacting with them.

If you respond to the people you are interacting and following with, your chances get high for getting new followers. 

Get an elevated view of Instagram

Take a moment and concentrate on your profile carefully. Check if anything is missing. Also, make sure that all of your images look good, and your Instagram highlights should be updated along with your bio. At last, add links to your website or relevant content.

Promote Instagram on other channels

If you have enough followers on other social media platforms, make sure users follow you on Instagram. Promote your channel on the website and start driving people to your Instagram.

Other cross-promote ways include:

  • Fixing images on Instagram from your page in your newsletter.
  • Set Instagram images from your page in your blog posts. 
  • Add a link to your Instagram in your email signature.
  • Add your Instagram handle to your bio of other social media platforms. 
  • Link your Instagram with Facebook and Twitter so that you can post it on all three sites together. 

The caption length

Caption length does matter in Instagram, and it’s 2,200 characters. However, you should make it as short as possible because the study suggests that posts with short captions get more clicks and engagements. 

Wrapping up

The steps mentioned above are all tried and tested, so you can definitely go with these to grow your Instagram organically. However, I highly recommend you follow these steps today and start noticing growth within a few days. 

However, if you want instant growth, refer to Instagram growth services like GRAMiety which use Instagram loop giveaways to appeal to more users. Talking about GRAMiety, it is considered as the best growth service in the market and is 100% Instagram compliant that offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. 

Also, it is set up in a few minutes, and after signing up, you just need to mention your target audience and describe your niche and voila! You will start growing with real people!

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