Grow Pod Solutions: AgroTech Shipping Container Farming Systems for Indoor Organic Farming.

Grow Pod

With this modern farming technology innovation, anyone can farm leafy greens, herbs, and spices for personal consumption and sales. The modular farming also guarantees high yield and no bacteria or disease, in a controlled environment.

As the population of the world grows, food security remains one of the biggest challenges to human survival and proper nutrition. Traditional farming methods alone can’t deliver all the food needed, as it is prone to negative effects that can stunt growth. 

Grow Pod Solutions is an AgroTech shipping container farming systems for indoor organic farming. Their desire is to provide sustainable, reliable, and result-oriented modular farming to feed the next generations. 

Everything about the farm is automated including soil, water, temperature, humidity, etc. These modular farms are also not affected by disease and there are no pesticides, so the food is 100% of quality and nutrient. 

Now, anyone can grow their food for personal consumption or sell the produce for profit. 

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Grow Pods are designed to offer farmers an unmatched yield in a highly controlled farming environment. For each pod, farmers will be able to grow a considerable amount of vegetables like 2,000 heads of lettuce which equates to about 70,000 dollars of yearly revenue. 

Leafy greens are in high demand these days because they are rich in nutrients and people are becoming more conscious about living healthy. However, growing them in the open is a pain. They are exposed to too much or not enough water, pathogens, bacteria and diseases, pests, human and animal contamination, and unfavorable weather. 

However, with the Grow Pods, farmers don’t have to worry about any such issues. The pods are focused mainly on leafy greens and every 55 days the users can harvest and use or sell. The pods can grow quite a number of leafy green varieties like carrots, lettuce, cabbage, even spice, and herbs. 

Grow Pod Solutions is working with universities, farmers, and distributors, local farmers, and outdoor markets, and essentially anyone that sells directly to consumers and interested in getting into farming. 

With the help of soil scientists, Grow Pod Solutions has been able to develop its own soil that is pathogen-free and clean. So, they are able to provide both Hydroponic Based farming and soil-based and custom based farming that guarantee quality and high yield. 

Existing farming and new entrepreneurs are welcomed to join Grow Pod’s community of growers. They are exposed to try new lines of soil and nutrients, so they can become successful in the indoor environment farming. 

Grow Pod Solutions was created out of the desire to deliver quality leafy greens that are free of pesticides and contamination. With their superior and automated technology, they will be able to provide farmers with greater farm yield that promises high profitability. 

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