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GroupBy Inc. Partners With Authoritas, Adds SEO Accelerator to Software

SEO Accelerator to Software

If COVID-19 lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that being able to shop for goods and services online has never been more relevant. For eCommerce retailers, the pandemic has been a real eye-opener when it comes to ensuring their store websites are up-to-date with the latest tools and technology to keep the shopper’s experience seamless.  And where do a majority of a customer’s product searches begin?  


Therefore, those sites that rank in the first positions for a given search will have an advantage over their competitors.  

In short, it ends and begins with search engine optimization (SEO).  It’s no wonder then that SaaS software providers like GroupBy Inc., a leading provider of relevancy-focused eCommerce solutions, are including SEO functions in their packages. The company recently announced an agreement with SaaS SEO platform Authoritas which will add SEO functionality to the GroupBy suite.  

GroupBy’s SEO Accelerator 

According to a press release by GroupBy, the launch of SEO Accelerator further accelerates customer acquisition by attracting more customers to eCommerce sites. The cloud-based SEO software, which utilizes SEO tools and data, will now be combined with the power of GroupBy’s Page Accelerator to further add value to the GroupBy eCommerce Search Suite.

GroupBy CEO Roland Gossage commented: “GroupBy is extremely excited about our partnership with Authoritas and it is already delivering additional value for our clients. Our new SEO Accelerator and North American Reseller Agreement will put us at the forefront of eCommerce and Digital conversations.”

Currently, GroupBy’s SaaS-based suite provides features for data enrichment, as well as enhancing navigation, personalization, merchandizing and search autocomplete.  The company says it excels with complex, large-scale B2B configurations and in dynamic, high volume B2C scenarios.

Now, with the addition of SEO Accelerator, eCommerce stores will be able to make the most out of their SEO and content marketing efforts.  That’s because the software solution mashes-up crawlers, analytics, ranking, links, social data and the sitemap.

In Europe, SEO Accelerator has already proven its success.  

Authoritas’ eCommerce customer Rakuten, an electronic commerce and online retailing company based in Tokyo, has seen its search visibility improve by 41% within the first 2 months of implementing the solution. 

Pairing the technology with GroupBy’s eCommerce Search Suite could take these results even further.

The importance of SEO is more relevant today than ever before, especially since Google announced that its Google Page Experience update is set to launch in May 2021. The update is expected to take user experience into consideration for ranking in search results. 

According to a statement by Google: “We believe that providing information about the quality of a web page’s experience can be helpful to users in choosing the search result that they want to visit.” 

Why is SEO key in helping eCommerce customers find an online store? 

Because most of the traffic, conversions and sales come from it. In most cases, organic searches will rank as a top source of revenue for an eCommerce store. Further, Google drives the majority of profit-producing traffic. In fact, 93 percent of consumers use search engines like it to inform their purchase decisions.

For retailers, ignoring SEO means risking not being visible during the customers’ buying process. 

When a store and its products are not visible on search results, fewer customers are aware it exists, which means less sales and profits for the store. At the same time, competitors who factor in SEO will increase sales and profits.  And, SEO doesn’t have a shelf life. It just keeps going and going. Unlike most forms of marketing, SEO builds upon itself to grow stronger over time. 

The bottom line is in highly competitive industries like eCommerce, SEO is a cost-effective way to increase revenue, and successful companies will prioritize their SEO efforts to optimize their websites for Google and other search engines.  

As for the partnership with GroupBy to further optimize SaaS solution SEO Accelerator, Authoritas CEO, Laurence O’Toole said, “Together we can help you (retailers) attain world-class ‘Core Web Vitals’, identify content opportunities at scale and measure real-world improvements in your site’s SEO and revenue from organic sessions.”

Authoritas was the winner of the European Search Award for Best Software Innovation in 2018. As for GroupBy, the company says it is constantly adding new updates to its SaaS package, recently launching features around BOPIS, curbside pick-up, and time of day pricing.

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