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Greg Van Wyk Suggests to Make Technology a Part of Your Business Strategy for Growth

Greg Van Wyk

Growth can be an important goal for any business, whether a small local company or a global brand. It can be safe to say that your strategy for growing your business depends on how much you wish to expand says Greg Van Wyk . You can take your company in any direction, but it would probably be wise to have an effective growth strategy in place before this. It will help ensure success.You canenhance operation and employee productivity rates even when your business grows. And it is possible to achieve this if you keep your focus on technology. When talking about technology, you cannot leave out the utility of digital transformation.

Modern businesses need to be digitally savvy and agile to streamline their processes, automate operations, and help manage remote working conditions. Things can become a lot smoother and better. So, let’s see how you can include digital and technological solutions in your strategy.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is not the new thing, but barely anyone took advantage of it up until recently. However, today people are waking up to its utility in their business. They realize that this technology can lead to better productivity, cyber security, and customization for companies and customers. So using tailored solutions in this field can only be an edge. Greg Van Wyk says that one must take the help of professionals for migration processes to ensure efficiency and service.

IP telephony

Good communication is crucial to establishing an exemplary internal structure and external relation to business growth. Like everything else in business, it comes down to each individual. Some people are naturally better at it than others, but there are a lot of resources online that can help you establish better communication. However, internal structuring has to be there in place, which depends on the size of the business, meaning not every company is always structured as they grow bigger. But as long as there is strong personal involvement from the top-down, a basic structure can make all the difference to efficiency and productivity.

According to Greg Van Wyk, Voice over Internet Protocol-like technologies can help in this area. It is a type of solution that provides you with the ability to use your company’s phone service via VoIP, for instance. While it may seem like a strange process, it saves your business a lot of money in the long term. And even though you’d be paying per call minute (rather than being charged monthly), it will pay off in the long run. You can make use of functions like video conferencing, call scheduling, and more. With this system in place, you can bolster your remote teams, whether they include HR, PR, or sales.

You can efficiently and quickly include more such solutions in your business growth strategy because they can lead to high productivity, smooth operations, and low operational costs while simplifying everything says Greg Van Wyk. Consult people from your ecosystem for guidance if you don’t know how to choose. They can give you ideas about implementing suitable systems and processes. However, make sure to study your options before adopting anything.


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