Greg Gopman’s “Token Society” Sets High Water Mark for Crypto, Blockchain Events

If you haven’t heard Greg Gopman’s name whispered at any of the top events, globally, you’ve been hiding under a rock.

No Goliath or techno-genius, Gopman in person comes off as an affable, friendly, smart fellow with a penchant for a good conversation. On approach it seems like he’s usually just looking to make his nearest acquantainces laugh.

But the dark-haired Gopman — who’s spent most of the last two years in Asian blockchain hubs Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and parts of Thailand and Indonesia — is central to some of the biggest parties you’ve been to.

There are a few people who have had an influence in their field of work such as Gregory Gopman. A San Francisco resident, he grew up in Aventura, Florida. A technology entrepreneur, he is well known in the technology and humanitarian sector.

The Man Behind the Legend

He is a frequent traveller, visiting the largest tech cities in the world, attending and speaking in different forums. Currently he is working as an executive in the CBC Casper team, giving his expertise in the blockchain sector.

Unlike many people in his cadre, Gregory comes off as a charming and friendly person. One would be intimidated, knowing that he has started nearly 10 successful companies. A young man with so much under his wing would seem to be a very smart, serious and an all business, no nonsense person. Yet, a couple of minutes with Gopman would reveal totally the opposite as he would try his best to make you laugh.

The Tech Wizard, The Humanitarian

As a technical whiz with a flair for finding a niche market in everything he does, Gregory Gopman sits in line with people who would spend most of their career lives in front of computers, coding and working away to built the next game changer software. He has done every technical and business activity under the sun, from running a weekend bus service to running a virtual reality development organization.

He currently runs Token Society, a community experience organization, offering strategy and management expertise to blockchain and distributed ledger technology companies to run fundraising roadshows.

But like every coin having two sides, Gregory has his own too. Initially not happy with the homeless situation in San Francisco, he had written an opinion on social media that garnered a lot of negative press. Realizing his mistake, not only did he apologise and take his words back, he delved into the homeless world in his city. This brought a revelation as he began to understand the issues with the poor souls. He turned towards charities and other non-profit organizations to see how they helped. All he saw was a lack of vision and mismanagement.

He took upon himself as personal mission to right what is wrong. This led to one of his most acclaimed work, A Better San Francisco.

Crypto Companies

Gregory Gopman has successfully operated nearly 10 companies over the years. Most, he has either sold off or moved on. His major achievements include:

Akash, The Photon Network

After many successful companies, Greg started to study the rising phenomenon of cryptocurrencies. This led to him developing a decentralized computing company, the Akash Network. Developed as a Hybrid Cloud Service Provider on Blockchain, Akash allowed any cloud service company to sell their spare computing power to developers around the world. Bringing incompatible operators to one single unified platform meant Akash was able to provide services that were 90% cheaper than the conventional companies.

Token Society

Along with Akash, Gregory also built Token Society, an event management company for the blockchain industry. The company leverages Greg’s previous experiences in his university days, where he ran a successful nightclub promotional company. Helping blockchain platforms run their fundraising and roadshows, Greg works with few of the biggest people and companies in the fintech sector, including Ethereum’s CBC Casper. A major upgrade to the Ethereum chain, Gopman works side by side with Vlad Zamfir to bring the future of Ether (and possibly the blockchain industry) a little closer.

Other Projects

Gregory, as a man of many talents, also has successfully ran non crypto projects. His other achievements include:

A Better San Francisco

From 2013 to 2016, the years of Greg’s life were transforming. He had started looking into the homeless situation in San Francisco. A community group that studies the situation of the poor and the destitute, Greg used the insight he gained to launch several projects aimed at bringing a betterment to the underprivileged.


Looking into the alternative means of housing the homeless in San Francisco, Greg looked into the possibility of getting his hands on retired cruise ships and converting them into floating, cheap and affordable housing with electricity and running water.

The project ran into feasibility issues, but Greg turned it into Communiship, a perfect fit for millennials, offering small rooms that had all the amenities of the modern world. The first Communiship will be launched this year, through GoFundMe.


In 2011, Greg founded a hackathon events company, AngelHack. It grew quickly and in three years, it was operating in 50 cities worldwide with more than 100,000 developers attending its events.

He also created a support company,, which would help AngelHack teams build companies based on their ideas. Even after his exit in 2013, AngelHack still helps thousands of people build their dreams and even has a vast range of corporate clients such as MasterCard, EOS and QTUM.


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