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Greg Atkinson – an inspirational journey of a best-selling Christian author

Not everyone has a keen eye for small details, but there are some people who like to pour their hearts into little things, turning them into everlasting experiences. Greg Atkinson is one such person who noticed the lack of warmth in something so mundane i.e. church community. Whether it was the greeting staff, navigation, or parking, he felt something was missing. He soon realized that there were so many things that could be changed in order to ensure people felt welcomed at the church. This urge grew stronger over time, which persuaded him to become a church secret shopper. 

Greg Atkinson is an entrepreneur, leadership coach, and bestselling author specializing in hospitality and guest management services. In his extensive career, spanning almost three decades, he has worked with all kinds of churches, non-profit organizations and businesses. As a church secret shopper, Greg thoroughly enjoys working with many churches and helping them welcome new people. He makes sure that church leaders follow the Biblical mandate that the church should welcome newcomers. His analysis and insights as a secret shopper have benefitted the church leaders deeply and, in fact, have made their churches perform better over the years. 

His personable and genuine personality allows him to create a connection with people instantly. He loves to be around people, listen to them and help them in any way possible. His casual attitude and down-to-earth nature are the reasons people open up to him without any barriers or apprehensions. In fact, these traits have led him to be one of the greatest consultants when it comes to hospitality and church services. He started Worship Impressions in 2009, which is his secret shopping company. As part of this job, he visits different churches unannounced and evaluates everything that happens on the weekend. After that, he submits a report to the church leadership with his analysis of what’s missing in the church and how they can improve their services for greater traffic. 

This is not all! He started the First Impressions Conference in 2017, which is a global leadership conference. He organizes sessions both in-person and online and have conducted eight events so far with church leaders and pastors. These conferences also focus on hospitality and generosity being the key to any church service so that people are encouraged to visit the same church every weekend. He not only talks about greeting people but also focuses on everything from parking space to signage in churches to its online presence and website. His observations are quite detailed and thorough, which doesn’t require churches to further research but take help from his insights to build themselves up. 

With so much to offer and so less time to reach every church in all corners of the world, Greg Atkinson has used the power of his pen by publishing four bestselling books for church leaders, pastors and volunteers across the globe. His books, Church Leadership Essentials, Strange leadership, Secrets of a Secret Shopper and The Hospitality Handbook for Volunteers, have been doing rounds and benefitting leaders across continents and industries. 

Along with his books, he has contributed to many magazines and websites, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today,,, Outreach Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, HomeLife Magazine, Worship Leader Magazine, Ministry Today Magazine, Leadership Network, etc. 

In 2021, Greg was selected as one of the Top 30 Christian Leaders to follow on Twitter. Apart from that, his blog also bagged a spot on the Top 35 Blogs Christian Leaders Need to Read in 2018, as well as in 2019, 2020, and again in 2021. His blog is listed with,, Michael Hyatt’s blog, and others. 

He has spoken at numerous colleges, seminaries, and conferences all over North America, including teaching “Intro to Praise and Worship” at Dallas Theological Seminary from 2005 to 2007. Some of the other events that he has spoken at are Thrive Business Leaders Summit, ENGAGE Conference, Courageous Men’s Summit, the Fully Loaded Conference, Dream Church conference and Church Online Summit. 

Moreover, Greg Atkinson has trained several church staff teams, including full-time staff at Saddleback Church and Prestonwood Baptist Church. Not only did he start, but he also leads the Weekend Worship and Guest Services Facebook group. Currently, it is a thriving community of over 15,600 church leaders from around the world.

Greg Atkinson’s life is indeed an inspiration for many. He has proved that anyone can be successful with the right attitude, positive mindset and his heart in the right place. Greg’s work has helped not only churches but businesses and communities at large, bringing them closer together for the greater good of society. To understand more about his strategies and make your life better in general, read his books and listen to his talks online. This is one meaningful investment you will be making for your better life and glorifying future ahead. 

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