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Green net for construction

Green net for construction

A net is just a simple synthetic product often thought on the scale of protection against insects, especially mosquitoes. Still, it can be of great value in engineering as much as in biology.

This article will focus on the importance of having a net, especially when making different structures from rural to urban centers.

The Importance of a Net

  • Protection from construction materials

This is done mostly in urban centers where construction can only make people migrate once work is done. As much as the construction manager wants their building to be magnificent, especially during plastering and painting, the nation below must continue its daily activities.

During plastering tall buildings, it is not easy for masonries to keep all concrete mixture to the wall without a single one falling. That is why most buildings are wrapped with green nets to avoid conflicts by causing discomfort from falling concrete on residents below.

  • Weather barrier

During bad weather, especially a storm or heavy rains, the net can conveniently protect raw plastered walls from being torn by strong water droplets by safely conveying the water down the net.

Objects thrown at the building must pass through the net first; it’s a mechanical barrier from even birds’ distraction and burrowing on wet concrete. Green net for construction is cheaper than buying other stronger barrier materials. They can be used before placing gutters to remove objects before the water runs into a tank.

  • Sand Sieving

Construction is all about art, fine art. Sand is one of the main construction materials; various building parts should be made for later use. Rooms are made with fine sand so that they may be smooth, and outer perimeters are made of rough sand.

In most cases, fine sand is required for a few areas; thus, ordering a full track of fine sand can be much more costly. When using a net, sand can be sieved to various gauges concerning the net size.

  • Making Ventilators

Most buildings are piped with nets at the ventilator parts. Some may be wire meshed, but applying two layers of the net can work the same; it can prevent birds and rodents from investing your house but let free air get through. Nets at window levers allow a nice view of the outsides as much as air conditioning the house.

  • Used to fence gardens

Birds such as chickens heavily feed on grains, and fencing a small piece of land with heavy timber is expensive. The use of nets has been broadly applied. Nets are mobile and can be twisted into or out of the garden. Nets will allow rain and sunshine incise you have done complete fencing, especially at nursery beds; they lighten rain drops and prevent erosion.

The same nets can be used to hold back soil during cultivation. Construction of gardens thus can be made easier using the green net.


It is quite fascinating how simple objects such as nets that can be thought for mere use are of greater importance in masonry and construction work. Thus, consider having a building, including a net, in your budget next time.

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