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Great Dyson Vacuum Models Of 2023

There are tens – or even hundreds – of vacuum brands out there on the market, and only a handful can be considered reliable.

The reason behind such indifference isn’t about quality only, but some brands value some features more than others.

Some value economical prices, another would value motor power, and this creates a wider range of vacuums to choose from.

However, the handful of vacuums we mentioned value more than a single feature in their vacuums.

Moreover, they value the most important features more than the secondary ones, creating more value for their vacuums.

One of those brands is Dyson.

In this guide, created in cooperation with, we’ll break down what a Dyson vacuum is, and what makes Dyson a great vacuum brand.

Moreover, we’ll discuss why is Dyson a famous brand, and which features Dyson vacuums specialize in.

In the end, we’ll provide you with a comparison between 2 of the finest Dyson vacuum models on the market, that are still reigning supreme in the market in 2023.

What is a Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson is a Singaporean-based technology company with a couple of headquarters in the US.

They manufacture various appliances for households, including vacuums, hair dryers, and more!

According to multiple customer-reviewing websites, Dyson enjoys high satisfactory rates and convenient models, using their advanced technologies and consistent development programs for their models.

What Does Dyson Specialize at?

Dyson home appliances -and more importantly Dyson Vacuums- have climbed their way to the top of the list of best vacuums in recent years.

This doesn’t necessarily happen due to a single good feature, it’s more of a consistent growth in multiple aspects, earning the Dyson vacuum a spot at the top of the helm.

Dyson vacuums specialize in providing strong suction power, the usage of advanced technologies, and superb design.

Moreover, many customers kept questioning if Dyson Vacuums are worth the money, and judging by how their vacuums tick nearly every great feature’s boxes, the simple answer would be a demanding YES.

Furthermore, Dyson vacuums can work to the maximum performance on nearly every surface or floor type.

This includes rugs, carpets, vinyl floors, hardwood floors, and more!

Why Is Dyson Famous?

According to Dyson themselves, they reinvented how a motor is manufactured, and how it works.

They reinvented the motors into a more power-dense, yet smaller and lighter than the older models.

Additionally, “a motor we invented would be on average x5 times faster than a jet engine,” and that’s just a vacuum’s motor.

This is true, as their new hyperdymium motors spin at more than 125K revolutions per minute.

Generally speaking, Dyson has been using cutting-edge technologies in their vacuums for years already, and the customers’ response has been vastly positive across the globe, paying the company back in spades.

Best Features in Dyson Vacuum?

In recent years, Dyson has specialized in cordless vacuums, and their latest models have been providing the best cleaning ever.

That’s what you’d want from your vacuum, right?

That’s exactly what our testing at CleanersAdvisor provided us with results on, as we compared Dyson models’ performance with other cordless vacuums.

This is their first and most important feature: they clean better than nearly all cordless vacuums.

Additionally, their vacuums are 2-in-1, as they can be turned into handheld vacuums in most of their cordless models.

Some would argue that Dyson vacuums are a bit pricier than other models, but if you have the cash enough to purchase perfection in vacuums, then nothing should stop you from achieving what you deserve.

Best Dyson Models

There is a handful of pretty successful Dyson models out there on the market, including:

  1. Dyson V15
  2. Dyson V11
  3. Dyson V10
  4. Dyson V8
  5. Dyson V7

Those aren’t just models, they are a generation.

In each generation, there are at least 2 models, and some V-generations have 3-4 models with special features in each model.

Therefore, there isn’t a “Best Dyson Model” for each home, but there are Dyson models that provide perfect performance on more floors/debris/situations than other models.

To make matters easier to break down, we took both Dyson V10 vs V11 as a comparison, to decide which is a better Dyson model.

We found clear similarities between them, as they use the same cleaning system, models of both generations have the ability to work both cordless and handheld, and they all have the same dustbin size of 0.75 liters, and more.

However, we found specific differences between models in both generations, and you can find them in this guide on Dyson V10 vs V11.


This concludes our guide on the best Dyson Models, and we took Dyson V10 vs V11 as a comparison between two perfect generations of Dyson vacuums.

Both provide a list of the most important features you should be seeking in cordless vacuum cleaners.

However, Dyson V11 has been proven better in many aspects compared to the Dyson V10

Wondering what those aspects are? Visit the article linked above for further information.

In case you have an RV that needs more cleaning, visit our guide on the Best RV Vacuum models on the market, it’ll provide you with great-needed help.

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