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Graphics and Images Caters Information in an Animated Way

Graphics and Images Caters Information in an Animated Way

All you need is a website that will create an impact on viewers and help you to earn revenue. Good graphics, images, and content are required to make your site stand apart. Graphics add aesthetics to the website, increase the interest level of the viewer, and communicate and cater to the idea easily. There are some points that designers need to keep in mind regarding the usage of different graphics while designing a website. Graphics should add to the content, design, and structure of the webpage. The size of the graphic is also very important. If the weight of the page increase because of the image used, it will take more time to load.

Need of graphics

Graphics aim at guiding the viewer through different web pages. It adds fun to the site and explains information easily to the viewers. These are the visual representation to elucidate the content or the text of the site. They educate, entertain, have an impact on viewers, and make it easy to handle the interface. Maps, patterns, diagrams, architecture, blueprints, bar diagrams, pie charts, flowcharts, and photographs all come under the category of graphics. Go to the website JustAnotherDeveloper to acquire additional information on graphics, photography, design, and development. Designers use different tools and technologies to utilize them and enhance the appearance of the site.

Points to remember

By placing an eye-catching graphic, you can attract a viewer’s attention, but at times it also diverts the attention of the viewers. Whenever you are using graphics, make sure that you have an equivalent text. While using graphics and text together, make sure that there is a sharp contrast between the background and the text. This can be done by avoiding a few color combinations. Often designers tend to use graphics instead of text to cater to information, since, they have the option of using different fonts, effects, and likewise. But, they may face a hindrance with texts based on graphics. If you want to resize the text, it does not have clarity. Websites having text structured in HTML are indexed by search engines rather than those with images.

Consult a designer soon

You need not pay an exorbitant amount to designers for graphics and images, start with asking for quotes and compare those. Visit other sites and consult the designers who maneuvered those. If you already have a website, and you are not satisfied, consult a graphic designer and they can do wonders. Designers need to follow the regulations and guidelines as it will help the users to navigate through the site easily. Before consulting with the designer, it is essential to consult a branding expert as the brand identity is important for developing an effective website.

Types of images

An important factor that the designer has to deal with is the size of the graphics and their quality. High quality the image has a great file size. A large image also has a big file size. Images with big file sizes generally require more time to load. Three types of images can be used on websites.

  • GIF images- This is suitable for images with a fixed number of colors. It is not suitable for the ones that have gradient colors as the images will have pixelation and banding
  • JPG images- Images with numerous colors can be used in this format. But, you cannot use it for images with texts or solid color blocks as the result may turn out to be blur worth compressing text and color.
  • PNG images- It is comparatively a new version and its features are a combination of JPG and GIF. This format allows us to have a transparent background and use millions of colors.

You can also take the help of different tools to create and improve the graphics. The few commonly used tools are Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Another tool that designers use is Graphics Optimization tools. Depending upon the quality and size of the image, designers can use these tools and help in creating an attractive website. For more information, kindly visit this dedicated website: WebPatogh.

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