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🎉🚀 Welcome to the Amazing Referral Game Session! 🚀🎉

Dear friends, we have exciting news for you! The second stage of our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is approaching, and this time, we have something special for you – the Referral Game Session! 🎮

What awaits you in this thrilling game? It’s straightforward! When you buy tokens during the IEO, you can invite your friends and become a true champion! 🌟 Your task is simple: fill out a simple form, providing your registered email on the P2B exchange and the email of your invited friend, along with the number of tokens your friend purchases using your invitation. And here’s the bonus: for every friend you invite, you’ll receive an amazing 20% of the number of tokens your referral buys! 😲 Even better, each participant can invite up to FIVE friends to the IEO! You just need to fill out the form each time you invite someone new. We will use this data to calculate your earnings. 💡 Let’s consider an example: You purchase tokens worth $10. Then, you invite a friend who makes a substantial token purchase of $100. You will receive a 20% bonus from your friend’s purchase, which means you just earned an additional $20 worth of tokens! 🤩 At the end of the IEO, the top ten participants with the highest balance of bonus tokens accumulated from their referrals will become our grand winners! 🎁 Each of them will receive an incredible 30% of the total bonus tokens accumulated from their invited friends! We take pride in ensuring our giveaway is entirely transparent and fair. All the data you provide in the form will be published for all participants to verify the fairness of our giveaway! You’ll be able to see your net bonus amounts and the overall distribution of rewards.

🔗 To participate in the Referral Game Session, please fill out a simple form using this link: Referral Game Session Form

Also, don’t forget to keep track of our updates in our Telegram group Telegram Group Updates, and on Twitter Twitter Updates.

But that’s not all! After the IEO, you’ll also have the opportunity to sell your tokens at a higher price! The purchase price is $0.000000024, and the selling price is an incredible $0.000000030! 💰

🔥 Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Join our Referral Game Session by filling out the form using the link above, invite your friends, and together, let’s achieve incredible success! 🔥

This does not mean that those who do not want to participate in the referral game cannot buy SCRATS tokens through the IEO. Everyone can purchase tokens regardless of whether they have a referrer or not. Additionally, wanting to participate in the referral game does not require having exactly five referrals; five referrals are the maximum number of invited friends per participant.

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