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GoSkills is a top pick among LMS providers thanks to a new AI-assisted tool

Online learning platform GoSkills has released Genie, an AI-assisted course development tool, as part of a recent upgrade. This elevated the GoSkills LMS above its competitors. Genie has undergone a successful beta test and is now prepared for widespread deployment. This solution allows HR and learning departments to effectively design, manage, and improve their courses, which could be advantageous in the cutthroat eLearning market.

These recent developments significantly impacted the rating of LMS providers. It is reasonable to assume that, as a result, the industry’s pecking order changed.


Top LMS suppliers for online learning: GoSkills

GoSkills leads the pack of LMS providers, which can be partly credited to its Genie, an AI-powered course assistant, and several other commendable characteristics. Genie considerably streamlines the course development procedure, enabling users to create thorough, exciting courses in a lot less time than traditional approaches need. By utilizing AI, Genie adapts to the unique needs of each enterprise, providing learning experiences that are quicker and more efficient. The ability of GoSkills to create courses quickly and efficiently gives it a clear advantage over other LMS providers. This elevates it to the top choice for individuals looking to increase productivity and enhance learning outcomes.


GoSkills also provides the following capabilities in addition to its AI-enhanced skills:

Almost 110 CPD-accredited courses taught by professionals in the industry are included in this extensive course library.

A user-friendly, no-code course builder that enables L&D managers and subject matter experts to develop custom learning materials for their teams.

Moreover, the course builder has a template gallery with editable, content-ready template courses for user-friendliness.

  • Genie’s integrated generative AI can integrate created content directly into the course builder.
  • Organizations can successfully measure and enhance learning outcomes thanks to robust and precise learning analytics and reporting.



A reputable LMS supplier, LMS365, offers smooth Microsoft 365 integration. It provides a variety of capabilities, such as analytics, course cataloging, and mobile learning. Nevertheless, it lacks AI-powered tools like GoSkills’ Genie, which increases the time required for authors and teachers to create courses. Nonetheless, it still needs to offer AI-enabled individualized learning experiences, despite providing a solid infrastructure for managing and delivering online courses.


GoSkills keeps its technical entry barrier low. Their Learning Management System (LMS) is made to function with a variety of technological standards, such as SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and CMI5, that are used to monitor e-learning activities. This gives it a comprehensive approach to support a range of learning experiences.


Efficiency in action

The course design process is streamlined by Genie, which makes it easier and more engaging. Users must define the subject, target audience, and number of lessons for the course. Finally, Genie starts to draught a thorough course title, description, and outline with brief descriptions for each class and even a quiz.

Genie stands out because of its effectiveness. Compared to manual processes, the AI assistant may aid in creating lessons in just a few minutes. This time-saving device might increase output and give businesses a competitive edge.


The Engines for Customized eLearning and AI-Powered Chatbots: AI and ML

It’s thrilling to glimpse the near future of online education. According to recent studies, using AI in online learning will increase productivity for staff and students. AI and machine learning (ML) will also revolutionize the eLearning sector by providing tailored learning paths. They offer customizable learning opportunities catered to the need of every learner. The usage of chatbots powered by AI, which provide customized information based on each learner’s particular traits, is one significant advancement.


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