Goose Finance ranked third best DEFI crypto app on Binance Smart Chain one month after launch

Company set to roll out new and improved features and shift focus towards community needs in the crypto world. 

After just one month since its release, Goose Finance, a decentralized exchange that operates on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Pancake Swap exchange has been ranked as the third most popular DEFI  app in the BSC-space. As one of the most recent additions to the world of crypto, Goose Finance has been able to grow its support through community engagement and shifting focus towards the needs of traders and buyers. 

Since its launch, Goose Finance has introduced a new 2nd Generation yield farming mechanism, allowing a more sustainable and profitable farming yield, while at the same time having perpetual price increases. To allow more profitable yield farming, the platform aims to add more value to its system, traders and buyers, creating a suitable and safe environment for those looking to yield farm with a higher APR. 

The trend of crypto trade has quickly caught on with younger generations, seeing it as an easy and relatively safe way to make money through trading and investment. With a variety of cryptocurrencies and Alt-coins currently in circulation, we managed to catch up with Goose Finance to hear what their future endeavors are to grow more trust and respect from the crypto community.  

Recap: What Goose Finance is.

The basic understanding behind Goose Finance isn’t too technical or crypto-related to an extent. In general, Goose Finance allows people to provide liquidity for other traders to exchange between two coins. In simple terms, traders can add money, either USD or GBP to the platform when others are trading or exchanging. 

For example, adding either $20 or £20 to the platform, allows others to swap between USD or GBP and vice versa. Fees that are charged per swap are then equally shared between all the people who have given funds. Goose Finance has made it simpler and more sustainable for traders and swappers looking for a constant price pump, with a fast and sufficient burn mechanism. While most platforms have been struggling to keep up with growing demand, Goose Finance is now leading the pack, working with a fast-burning mechanism that can increase the token price over and over again. 

What will Goose Finance do differently in the coming months?

A recently added and well-detailed post on Goose Finance’s Medium page has many in the crypto world excited to see what the platform has up its sleeves for the future. Some of the most important updates include:

  • Sold out IFO with Typhoon Network in under 2 minutes
  • An auto-compounding Goose Vault
  • AMM 
  • The launch of an algorithmic coin that uses egg to farm
  • The development of lotteries
  • State of the art Leveraged Yield Farming

The team at Goose Finance has put a lot of effort and time into its development, as the company is still trying to find its feet. Although they have managed to garner massive support, revisiting their initial plans and strategies has allowed the team to find faults in its processes, but more importantly look towards building lasting relationships with the crypto community. The company innovates so fast. To keep up with the roadmap visit:

Can Goose Finance keep up with growing demand?

In just a few short weeks, Goose Finance has already grown its market cap to $25,137,269 based on values from 26 March 2021. The company and its team members are trying to ensure that a transparent relationship is formed between them and those willing to invest and trade via its channels. The platform has seen immense support, with a willingness to grow its understanding of how the industry works, follow trends, and more importantly, listen to what the community wants. As with any popular business, critics enjoy ranting about “crypto scams”, ponzi schemes and deceptive Reddit posts claiming “goose is dead” – but watch this space for future Goose finance reviews: the company is steering in a new direction, working closely to monitor what trends are unfolding in the industry. The attractive offerings available on Goose Finance have quickly made it reliable and suitable, pushing the company to rank up support across the board and become one of the highest-ranked 2nd generation yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. For more information on Goose Finance visit

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