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Google Word Coach: Best Fun Game to Learn English

Exploring and knowing about another language is always exciting. It becomes more fun when you learn the language through enjoyable games. Hence, Google has developed an engaging and effective learning game, the Google Word Coach. It is a fantastic game where you can improve your English vocabulary by attending MCQ questions.

However, right now, it is only available in India and only in the English language. Still, Google Spokesperson has announced that it will soon be available in other languages and countries. Below, we will discuss some essential things you need to know about this game.

What Exactly Is The Google Word Coach Game?

It is mainly an educative and informative game that you can play to expand your English stock of words and master English vocabulary. You can either directly type ‘Google word coach‘ in Google to play the game or search for a word to know its meaning, where you can find the game under the translation boxes and dictionary. There will only be MCQ-type questions, and you will get two options to choose your answer.

How Can You Play This Interesting Game?

In this game, Google will ask you five questions in each segment, giving you two options. If you answer them correctly, you will receive rewards. But, if you answer incorrectly, no points or marks will be deducted.

First, you must go through the preliminary or initial stage, where the questions are comparatively easy. But then the level will get advanced and higher as the game progresses.

For each correct answer, you can receive 200 points. In addition to that, there is a skip option as well. There will be three kinds of questions; image-based, antonyms, and synonyms of words.

Reasons Behind Introducing The Google Word Coach Quiz Game

Google is continuously searching for ways to improve its search engine, and then it comes up with the idea of this fun game. The primary purpose of introducing this game is to encourage people to learn English since it is an international language. However, it is not available in countries where the primary language is English. It is solely dedicated to non-English speakers to improve their knowledge of the English language.

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Google Word Coach Shortcuts

If you are interested in playing this entertaining game, then you need to know if there is any option to create a shortcut for this game. Well, yes, it has a shortcut icon. But the Google Word Coach only runs on smartphones. You won’t get access to it through your PC or laptop. It has already been tested on tablets, but it is not working.

However, when you play the game, you will notice a sign or message that asks if you want to create a shortcut. This game has also released Home Screen icons for smartphones which you can directly add to your mobile home screen.

When you play this game using Google search, you will notice some indicating arrows in the lower-left corner of the game card. You can create a shortcut for your game if you tap that arrow.

Is There Any App To Download?

No, as of now, this game has no official app. But Google may introduce the app very soon. Now, you only can get access to the Google icons. However, many similar apps are available On the Google Play store.


We never thought games could be beneficial and become a way to learn a new language. But Google has made it possible by introducing this fantastic game. We all know that English is an international language, so it is essential to have a good command of this language to be in the competitive business market.

Google is allowing you to learn it for free. Having a solid base of English vocabulary can help you in several ways. It will boost your confidence and help you flourish in every industry.

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