GoodFi Announces Terra, Bancor, Polygon, and The Graph Have Joined the Alliance, New Matchmaker Service Launches

New Matchmaker Service Launches

GoodFi, a not-for-profit organization with the mission of getting 100m people into DeFi by 2025, today announced leading DeFi projects Terra, Bancor, Polygon, and The Graph are joining the initiative.

These new GoodFi members join existing DeFi leaders such as Aave, Radix, Sushiswap, and Chainlink as they today unveiled their latest initiative to make DeFi easier to enter for new users; a DeFi matchmaker for DeFi newbies!

DeFi currently has hundreds of decentralized applications and thousands of crypto assets to choose from. This is great for choice but overwhelming for new users just looking to start entering the exciting world of DeFi. The DeFi matchmaker has been created by GoodFi to provide an impartial, easy-to-understand route for those looking to enter the space by highlighting some of the leading DeFi opportunities and what they have to offer.

This next step to reaching the mission of getting 100m users into DeFi, the 96 GoodFi members realized that it was super important to invest in education and tools to help new users get their first start in DeFi. This is where the GoodFi DeFi matchmaker was born – a service to reduce and simplify DeFi to a small number of well-established assets and platforms with simple explanations for each.

“We wanted to make a starting point so simple that you could send this to your mum, dad, or best friend without feeling like they would be lost or scammed. This is the early days of the internet but for DeFi; getting started is hard.” – Piers Ridyard, CEO Radix DLT.

The GoodFi matchmaker starts with only 6 DeFi platforms to choose from, and only 5 crypto-assets (USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH & BTC) making over 30 possible choices in total. Each DeFi platform comes with an explainer video, information about the team and history, as well as a simple filter to let new users hone in on the best asset and platform configuration for them.

The advice is unbiased, and the website is not monetized with advertising. To eat the world of finance, we first have to educate the world about what that future looks like. GoodFi is being built to be that safe starting space for everyone to get their toes wet in DeFi.

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